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Graduate Program in Psychology

three master's students working at a conference table

The Villanova Department of Psychological and Brain Sciences has offered a Master of Science degree in general psychology since 1961. This MS degree program is particularly well suited to provide a strong foundation for individuals seeking entry into PhD programs in most subfields of psychology. In addition, the program services the needs of students unsure of their future professional goals, of individuals wanting a more gradual transition between undergraduate and PhD level work, and for those seeking a terminal master's degree.

What Our Program Can Do

While the program is not specifically designed to provide terminal training for mental health professionals, some of our graduates continue on to PhD programs in clinical or counseling psychology. Others accept positions in the private sector as science writers, lab technicians, data analysts, marketing researchers, etc.

The program enjoys a strong national reputation, thereby contributing to the success which a large proportion of our graduates have in gaining admission to some of the top Ph.D. programs in psychology (e.g., Brown, Columbia, Cornell, UC-Berkeley, UC-San Diego, U. Colorado, Johns Hopkins, Michigan State, NYU, Penn State, U. of Penn, Rochester, U. Wisconsin). Additional information about graduates of the program can be found on our Alumni/Alumnae Page.