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Cultural Studies Program

Welcome to the Cultural Studies Website

Cultural Studies is an interdisciplinary academic field that seeks to understand, critique, and transform cultural phenomena. It draws on a number of disciplines in the humanities and social sciences to scrutinize questions of identity, race, gender, class, and community as well as to examine how these areas manifest themselves in different cultural practices; also addressed is the meaning assigned to these variables. By examining the link between power and discourse, cultural studies deals with the representation of these identities, for representation is the vehicle through which knowledge of cultures is acquired. Cultural Studies is considered the next generation of area studies for those who – instead of focusing on a specific geographical area­-- wish to study the global cultural phenomena with a set of theoretical tools.­

To Apply to the Cultural Studies Program:

Fill out the CST form below and send or deliver them to Dr. Karyn Hollis, Director, Cultural Studies Program, English Department.

Fill out this form online: Major Declaration/Change Form

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Contact Information

Dr. Karyn Hollis
SAC 458
Phone: (610) 519-7872

Administrative Assistant:
Ms. Joyce Harden
Villanova University
Office: SAC 023
: (610) 519-4640

Welcome from the Director

Dr. Karyn Hollis

"[This new program] will give our students an edge to compete in an increasingly tight market for graduate programs and other forms of intellectual engagement or employment."

Karyn Hollis, Ph.D
Director - Cultural Studies Program


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What is Cultural Studies

Stuart Hall

“What [do] cultural changes amount to? [Are] there new emergent cultural forces and tendencies? Above all, how [are] these historical processes to be qualitatively undestood and assessed?

Cultural Studies [is] a set of disciplines addressing relevant issues about contemporary society.”

Stuart Hall, cultural theorist, 
founding figure of British Cultural Studies.