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Center for Arab & Islamic Studies

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Villanova University established the Center for Arab and Islamic Studies in 1983 in recognition of the critical importance of Arab and Islamic cultures, which have had a profound impact on the arts and sciences for centuries in the Middle East and elsewhere.

Today, international politics and economics are deeply affected by the dynamics in the Arab and Islamic world. Government officials, members of Congress, corporations, banks, the media and researchers need professionals with the specialized knowledge essential for comprehending the geostrategic, socioeconomic, religious and intellectual dimensions of the region.

AIS entails an interdisciplinary approach that reflects the complexity of the Arab and Islamic world, offers a basic grounding in Arabic language, and provides a background for advanced professional studies, as well as careers in government or business in the field.

Beirut Discussion with Rev. Kail C. Ellis, OSA, PhD, Dr. Samer Abboud and Catherine Warrick, PhD, and Director of the Center for Arab and Islamic Studies

Barbara Romaine, Arabic Instructor, Department of Global Interdisciplinary Studies published in #WiTMonth’s Translate This: Hadiya Hussein’s ‘What Will Come’

image of Hadiya Hussein reading a book
Hadiya Hussein

Excerpt from ‘What Will Come’ By Hadiya Hussein

Translation (in progress) by Barbara Romaine

The shadows engulfed Narjis, but Mizgin dispersed them, switching on the small flashlight she held in her hand. She gave this to Narjis. “Quick now, go downstairs,” she urged. “Using this light to guide you, keep going until you reach the end of the tunnel. Sit down there and turn off the light. You mustn’t come back until you hear my voice. If you’re alarmed by noise in the tunnel coming from this direction, then you must go out by proceeding in the same direction you went. You’ll find something that looks like a boulder, but it’s not—it’s cork, painted so that it resembles rock. Push it aside and go out. A few meters away you’ll find someone who’ll look after you.” With that Mizgin left her, slipping the picture of the forest back into its place as she went... read more...


Dr. Hafeez Malik

Dr Hafeez Malik, an emeritus professor who was one of the founding members of the Center, founding editor of the Journal of South Asian and Middle Eastern Studies, and a longtime member of the Political Science department,  passed away on Monday, April 20.

To learn more about his life and accomplishments please refer here.


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