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Faculty Highlights: 2023–24 Vol. 1

Andrew Brandt

Posted “Reacting to Penn National’s Deal with Barstool Sports & More!” on Business of Sports: NFL Business Podcast on August 9.

Published “NFL Owners Are Succeeding in Taking More Power Back From the Players” for Sports Illustrated on August 15.

Published “Jonathan Taylor, Joe Burrow, Chris Jones Have Offseason Business Left to Resolve” for Sports Illustrated on August 31.

Posted “Breaking Down Joe Burrow & Nick Bosa’s Historic Contracts” on Business of Sports: NFL Business Podcast on September 7.

Presented “Leadership Lessons Learned from the Sports World” at the CVS Leadership Conference in Woonsocket, RI on September 12.

Posted “Aaron Rodgers Tears His Achilles, Grass vs. Turf Fields, & More” on Business of Sports: NFL Business Podcast on September 15.

Published “Comparing Every 2023 Offseason NFL Quarterback Contract” for Sports Illustrated on September 15.

Posted “NFL Files Grievance Against the NFLPA, Patrick Mahomes Restructures Contract, & More!” on Business of Sports: NFL Business Podcast on September 22.

Posted “Damian Lillard Traded to the Bucks, the Latest with Travis Kelce & Taylor Swift, & More!” on Business of Sports: NFL Business Podcast on September 27.

Published “Examining Patrick Mahomes’s Contract Restructure and a New NFL Ownership Committee” for Sports Illustrated on September 27. 


Doris Brogan

Presented “Teaching Leadership Using the Case Study Method” at The Association of American Law Schools Teaching Leadership webinar on September 26. 


Leslie Book

Presented “Public Engagement in Rulemaking” at the Center for Taxpayer Rights Transforming Tax Administration: Toward an Effective, Inclusive & Trusted IRS Conference in Washington, DC on September 13. 


John Cannan

Published “On the Trail of Francis Channing Barlow: Military Prodigy and Legal Warrior Against Corruption” on the In Custodia Legis: Law Librarians of Congress blog on September 15. 


David Caudill

Participated in the panel “Improving the Quality of CLE” at the Symposium on Continuing Legal Education and the Professional Education of Lawyers hosted by Villanova Law on October 6.


Steve Chanenson

Moderated the “Historical Review and Lessons for Today” and “Sentencing Information for Modern Judges” panels at Frankel at 50: A Half-Century’s Perspective on Criminal Sentences: Law Without Order hosted by the New York City Bar Association on April 24.

Co-published “Frankel at 50: A Half-Century’s Perspective on Criminal Sentences: Law Without Order” in Federal Sentencing Reporter on June 1.

Appointed to the Sentencing Standards Task Force by the American Bar Association on August 1.

Participated in the 2023 National Association of Sentencing Commissions Conference in Stateline, NV on August 8 and 9:

  • Presented “An Approach to Evidence-based Sentencing: Review and Policy Options.”
  • Participated in the panel “Guidelines Uniformity and Consistency: Are We Deceiving Ourselves?”
  • Moderated “Frankel at 50: A Half-Century’s Perspective on Criminal Sentences: Law Without Order.”

Designated as vice chair of the Pennsylvania Continuing Judicial Education Board of Judges by the Supreme Court on September 14. 


Lori Corso

Published a review of How to Be a Badass Lawyer: The Unexpected & Simple Guide to Less Stress and Greater Personal Development Through Mindfulness and Compassion by Claire E. Parsons in Law Library Journal (Vol. 115, No. 3) on August 11. 


Amy Emerson

Participated in the panel “Negotiation in the Age of Artificial Intelligence” at the Life in the Big City XXIX: Law Department CLE in Philadelphia on July 28.


Abraham Gafni

Published “Equitable Tolling of the FAA’s Deadline for Vacating an Arbitration Award” in The Legal Intelligencer on August 14. 


Preston Lim

Presented “The Great Depression and Canada’s Originalist Decade” at the Osgoode Society Legal History Workshop at the University of Toronto on September 13.

In The Media: Quoted in “How China Might Affect Canada’s Dispute with India” for Toronto Star on September 20.

Published “The Originalism of F.R. Scott” in Supreme Court Law Review on September 21.

In The Media: Interviewed for “As Spat Builds, India Claims Students at Risk in Canada Despite Envoy Avowing Safety” on CTV News on September 22.


Michelle Madden Dempsey

Co-authored From Morality to Law and Back Again: A Liber Amicorum for John Gardner (Oxford University Press) published on August 17.

Appointed to the executive board of The Collective: Women in Legal Philosophy organization on September 21. 


MarySheila McDonald

In the Media: Interviewed for “Episode #25: MarySheila McDonald” on Slice of Mentorship podcast on October 3.


Michael Moreland

Published “Contingency and Contestation in Christianity and Liberalism” in the Notre Dame Law Review on June 16.

Published “Germaneness and Religious Liberty” in the Notre Dame Law Review on July 14.

Presented “First Amendment: Establishment and Free Exercise of Religion” at the National Constitution Center’s Summer Teacher Institute in Philadelphia on July 18.

In The Media: Interviewed for “The Issue Of Religious Public Charter Schools” on NPR on August 7.

Participated in the panel “Religious Liberty and the American Founding” at the University of Notre Dame on September 22. 


Luke Repici

Presented at the Legal Writing Institute New Teacher Training Bootcamp hosted by the Temple University Beasley School of Law on August 3. 


Michael Risch

Participated as a senior commentator at the second meeting of the Thomas Edison Innovation Law and Policy Fellowship at the Center for Intellectual Property x Innovation Policy at the Antonin Scalia Law School at George Mason University on September 7.


Ana Santos Rutschman

Presented “No Sue Pledges: Enforceable or Performative” at the American Bar Association Intellectual Property Section Annual Meeting in Washington, DC on April 6.

Presented “Vaccines, Misinformation and Equity” at the Annual Meeting on Law and Society in San Juan, Puerto Rico on June 2.

Presented “Technology Specificity in Pandemic Preparedness” remotely at the Symposium on Biomedical Innovation Law hosted by Copenhagen University on June 15.

Presented “The Role of the FDA in Public Health Crises” remotely at the Japanese American Society for Legal Studies 2023 Symposium on June 18.

Presented “Reconsidering Patent Pledges: The Case of the Moderna Covid-19 Vaccine Pledge” at the 23rd Annual Intellectual Property Scholars Conference at the Benjamin N. Cardozo School of Law on August 3.

Published “Increasing Equity in the Transnational Allocation of Vaccines Against Emerging Pathogens: A Multi-Modal Approach” in the Journal of Law, Medicine & Ethics on September 1.

Presented “Assessing COVID-19 Vaccine Emergency Use Authorizations” at the 2023 America Disease Prevention and Control Summit in Philadelphia on September 7.

Presented “Technology Specificity in Pandemic Preparedness” at the 2023 National Vaccine Law Conference: Advancing the Vaccine Law Dialogue at the George Washington University on September 14.

PublishedWhat the New York City Marathon Can Teach Us About Equitable Access to Vaccines” on the Bill of Health blog on September 20. 


Christine Speidel

In The Media: Quoted in “Fraud Risks Rises as IRS Fixes Low-Income Credits, Tax Pros Warn” for Bloomberg Tax on September 29.


Emily Stolzenberg

Received the 2023-24 Haub Law Emerging Scholar Award in Women, Gender and Law from the Pace University Elisabeth Haub School of Law on August 9.

Tribes, States, and Sovereigns Interest in Children” (North Carolina Law Review, forthcoming)

  • Selected for presentation at the 2023 Equity Law Scholars Forum at the Boston University School of Law on August 10.
  • Presented at the University of Virginia School of Law faculty workshop on September 8.
  • Presented at the AALS Sections on Education Law & Children and the Law mid-year works-in-progress session at the Loyola University Chicago School of Law on September 22.

Presented “Private Law and Intimates’ Obligations” (Brigham Young University Law Review, Vol. 48, Issue 2) at the Fifth Roundtable on Nonmarriage and Law at the Rutgers Law School on September 29.