Student Organizations Directory


Mission:  The American Constitution Society (ACS) is the nation’s leading progressive legal organization, with over 200 student and lawyer chapters nationwide. ACS’s mission is centered around one simple principle: that the law should be a force to improve the lives of all people. At Villanova law, our ACS chapter will serve as a forum for progressive students to discuss key legal and public policy issues such as access to courts, voting, equality, immigration, workers’ rights, and many others. It will also serve as an opportunity for students to interact with progressive lawyers, judges, policy experts, legislators, and academics through panel discussions, guest speakers, and networking events. 

2019-2010 Officers:

Madison Slupe, 2L

Board positions TBD

Advisor:  Caitlin Barry



Our goal is to share and inform students about the current issues and opportunity surrounding the vast and ever-changing field of art law. We want to challenge and inspire them to wed their interest in law with a love and appreciation of art and culture. Culture is a part of identity -- the way we approach the legal implications of art and culture speak to how we treat identity, our own and others.

Advisor: Professor Diane Edelman

2019-2020 Officers:  

Ciara Sprance, 3L, President (

Margaret Nolan, 2L, Vice President (

Rachel Insalaco, 2L, Treasurer (

Connor DeFilippis, 2L, Secretary (


Mission: APALSA provides opportunities for Asian and Pacific American law students to further their academic and professional goals and celebrate their culture. APALSA also engages the VLS community in opportunities to participate, educate, and inform themselves of parts of Asian and Pacific American culture

Advisor:  Professor Tuan Samahon

2019-2020 Officers:

President: Kevin Fernandez -

Vice President: Priyanka Shah -

Treasurer: Andrew Hahm -

Secretary: Madison Slupe -

Professor Tuan Samahon


Mission: The VLS Black Law Students Association (BLSA) is an official chapter of the National Black Law Students Association that seeks to foster the profession of law among individuals of Black ancestry as well as other individuals who have an interest in legal issues relevant to the Black community. BLSA strives to meaningfully influence the legal community though various professional, social, and community activities and services

Advisor:  Professor Teressa Ravenell

2019-2020 Officers:

President: Ms. Kendeil Dorvilier,

Vice President: Mr. Jake Etienne,

Treasurer: Ms. Santana Velez,

Secretary: Ms. Patience Brown,

1L Liaison: Mr. Ishmail Harris,

Historian: TBA

Social Chair: TBA


For more information about the VLS BLSA Chapter, please feel free to visit our website at:


Mission:  The Villanova Chapter of the Brehon Law Society intends to provide a forum for cultural, social, and professional activities having to do with Irish heritage and traditions. Further, the Society intends to promote connections and affiliations between members of the Chapter and members of the legal community in the Philadelphia area.

Advisor:  Professor Moreland

2019-2020 Officers:

Vice Presidents - Shannon Rafsol & Megan Salvin

Executive Board Members - John Howard & Jack O'Connor


The Christian Legal Society aiims to create fellowship opportunities within the law school community.  We aim to be a place of refuge in an otherwise high-stress environment.  Additionally, we hope to build a bridge between Villanova and Christian pro-bono activities, such as the Christian Legal Services Clinic.

2019-2020 Officers:  

Sarah Blum - President

Hannah Schroer - Vice President

Valerie Asimacopolous - Secretary

Lee Grimes - Treasurer 

 Advisor: Brian McCabe




The Corporate Law Society helps educate students interested in better understanding corporate law by proving practical learning experiences outside of the classsroom.

The Corporate Law Society advances its mission by exposing Villanova students to a variety of corporate law practice areas, such as mergers and acquisitions, securities regulation, private equity, business formation, and other related fields. Students are provided with the opportunity to engage in these activities through attending informative networking opportunities with corporate attorneys and other community members in the Philadelphia area.

Advisor:  Professor Andrew Lund

2019-2020 Officers:   

President: Zac Kauffman |

Vice President(s): Christian Kelso |

Colleen Bullock |

Secretary/Treasurer: Andrew Mark |

Events Coordinator(s): Chris Oullette |

Stephen Dranoff |

2L Representatives: Ishmail Harris |

Michael Horvath |



The goal of the Criminal Law Society is to provide a group in the law school community for students aspiring to pursue a career in criminal law. Through networking and peer-mentorship, the group strives to promote relationships with criminal law practitioners in addition to provide events and education on criminal justice issues.


2019-2020 Officers:

Meaghan Geatens, president -

Colleen Maguire, VP -

Ashley Machamer, treasurer -

Celia Morrison, secretary -

Katie Carden - 2L representative -

Advisor:  Professor Steven Chanenson





The purpose of the Education Law Society is to create awareness of a part of law that often gets little to no attention. We strive to provide information to the VLS community regarding Education Law, what it is, and how we can get involved.

President: Annemarie DiBlasio (3L)

Vice President: Charles Burrows (2L)

Maryann Robinson




Mission: The purpose of the Environmental and Energy Law Society is to inform students of the job opportunities available and insight into the Environmental Law field. In addition, EELS provides students with a network of contacts in the field and courses available for interested to take. 

Advisor: Professor Todd Aagaard

2019-2020 Officers:

Megan Salvin- Co-President

Molly O'Neil- Co-President

Jacqueline Noyes-Co-President

Treasurer- TBD

Secretary- TBD




The Entertainment and Media Law Society’s mission is to expose Villanova Law students to the essential and fundamental elements of entertainment and media law. Through various events, both on and off-campus, EMLS will provide a network of support within the entertainment and media industry to provide students with essential resources and contacts in the field.

Advisor:  Bernard Resnick

2019-2020 Officers:

President - Kirsten Reilly (2L)

Vice President - Rachel Insalaco (2L)

Secretary - Peter Harrick (3L)

Treasurer - Mohamed Asker (2L)



Mission: The mission of the Family Law Society is to network between current VLS students interested in family law and active family law lawyers in the area. We also hope to educate people more on what family law is, and get involved in pro bono family law issues in the area.

Advisor: Joni Berner, Esq.

Officers 2019-2020:

Andrew Girman 2021 President

Aislinn Sroczynski 2021 Vice President

Tara DeAngelis 2021 Treasurer



Our mission to bring together people interested in the different facets of fashion law through lunch and learns, speakers, and symposiums. 

Advisor: Professor Ann Juliano

Officers 2019-2020:

Co-President: Abby Wilson, Class of 2020

Co-President: Teddy Starling, Class of 2020

Treasurer: Jenna Hough, Class of 2021

Secretary: Julia Eisen, Class of 2021


Mission: The mission of the Federal Bar Association is to strengthen the federal legal system and administration of justice by serving the interests and the needs of the federal practitioner, both public and private, the federal judiciary and the public they serve. As a student section of the Federal Bar Association, the Villanova Chapter aims to educate students about current issues in the federal legal system and connect students with practitioners, who can provide students professional guidance. Achieving this mission includes hosting speaking events, panels, and networking events.

Advisor: Professor Tuan Samahon

2019 - 2020 Officers:

Stacey Everton- President

Michael Schwartz- Board Member

Mark Bell- Board Member

Mission: The Federalist Society is a student chapter of the national organization, which believes in promoting challenging, intellectual, and respectful discussions normally unavailable in the classroom. We achieve this goal through events, typically with invited conservative or libertarian speakers and a faculty participant, focused on current legal issues or events. 

Advisor:  Professor Tuan Samahon

2019-2020 Officers:

Leona Marie Sharpstene, President

Greg Drohosky, Vice President of Operations

Anthony Gruzdis, Vice President of Events


Mission: Since FGL began in October of the Fall 2018 semester, we have quickly grown to have one of the largest and diverse membership bases and have affected lasting, meaningful change on the VLS community. Not only have we accomplished significant action items like changing Villanova’s application language to be more first-gen friendly and creating an Admitted Students Day panel, we have fostered a sense of pride and community among a substantial percentage of the VLS student body and faculty, which had previously been silent and unnoticed. We have begun long-term plans to help First Gens network, get involved, and take pride in their background, even if their peers seem to have more knowledge of the industry. But most of all, we have done our absolute best to provide an outlet and resource to show First Gen students that they have a voice at Villanova Law and they belong here.

Advisors:  Professors Brogan and Robinson

2019-2020 Officers:

President: Rodrigo Rivera

Vice President: Sam England

Treasurer: Sam Edgell

Secretary: Ray Levy

Alumni Outreach/Liaison: Megan Mason

Social/External Outreach: Bianca Basilone


Mission:  The Villanova Law Health Law Society seeks to provide students interested in Health Law information, connections, and opportunities in health law. We strive to provide interesting conversations, panels, and events with practicing attorneys. Furthermore, we encourage students of all educational backgrounds to discover an interest in health law. 

Advisor: Professor Michael Campbell

2019-2020 Officers:

Gregory Ferroni ( President

Hannah Schroer ( - Vice-President

Alice Douglas ( - Treasurer

Brigitta Glunk ( - Secretary


Mission:  The Latin American Law Student Association's ("LALSA") mission is to spread Latinx culture and Latinx community at Villanova University Charles Widger School of Law. We support our members by connecting them with the area's network of professionals ranging from other Latinx law students to experienced legal professionals in a variety of legal practices. We have ties to the Hispanic Bar Association of Pennsylvania ("HBAPA") and are part of the National Latin American Law Student Association ("NLLSA"), a national network of law students, to bring awareness to the current legal issue affecting Latinx populations in the United States.

Advisor: Professor Moreland

2019-2020 Officers:   

President: Gabriella Diaz '20

Vice Presidents: Jomana Abdallah '20

Secretary:  TBD

Treasurer: Ronald Avila

Event Coordinator: TBD

Outreach Coordinator: Cristina Sullivan

2L Representative: TBD

1L Representatives:  TBD





Honor Board Website

Mission:  Uphold the honor code in the administering of examinations, elections, and other aspects of the VLS community. Honor Board is critical to ensuring a well functioning academic experience for the students of Villanova

Advisor:  Professor Christine G. Mooney







Our mission is to provide educational and networking opportunities in Immigration Law for the Villanova Law community. We plan to host moderated panels of local immigration lawyers,give presentations on relevant immigration law news, and notify interested students about volunteer opportunities in immigration law.

Mary O'Rourke, President

Ricky Schneider, Vice President

Anja Gleicher, Secretary

Austin Skelton, Treasurer

Advisor:  Rebecca Feldmann



It is the mission of the Villanova University School of Law Intellectual Property Society to:

• Educate its members about the IP legal profession and work/externship opportunities available at and outside     of the law school;

• Raise awareness of current issues, both legal and otherwise, in IP;

• Connect current students with alumni working in the IP sector;

• Foster an inclusive environment where interested students of all educational backgrounds can learn more     about  IP; and

• Further the reputation of VLS as an institution at which successful IP attorneys begin their careers.

Advisor:  Vice Dean Michael Risch

2019 -2020 Officers:

Phillip Wolfe, 2L: President

Allison White, 2L: Vice President

David Pejovic, 1L: Treasurer

Liliane Cooper, 1L: Secretary

Ciara Sprance, 2L: Blog Editor



Email: international@law.villanova.eduu

Mission:  The International Law Society aims to create a greater global awareness at the Villanova Charles Widger school of law by creating opportunities for networking, and education. The group seeks to inform students of opportunities intentionally and encourages collaboration with other global-minded student organizations.

Advisor:  Professors Ruth Gordon, Diane Edelman

2019-2020 Officers:  

President: Ricky Schneider

Vice President: Christian Jorgensen

Communications and Recruitment/Retention Director: Ashley Pidhajny

Events Coordinator: Saruta Siriwatanakul






The mission of JLSA is to provide a community and outlet for Jewish students at Villanova Law. Being Jewish at a Catholic university presents a unique set of challenges and experiences, and JLSA provides an outlet to discuss those issues as well as bonding opportunities for people with similar backgrounds.

Advisor: Professor Chaim Saiman

2019-2020 Officers:  

Greg Bailey, 3L - President

Charlie Stegner-Freitag, 3L - Treasurer

Elizabeth Trachtman, 2L - Secretary


Organizations Email Address:  

Mission:  An educational organization of law students celebrating Italian ancestry, history, and culture. Activities are directed towards fostering a spirit of good fellowship and mutual cooperation among its members, maintaining the honor and dignity required of the legal profession, maintaining a high standard of ethical conduct among its members and with other members of the bar, and promoting and encouraging the more profound study of the law.

Advisor: Matthew Carluzzo

2019-2020 Officers: 

Vincent Silvano - President

Gabriella Scott (2L) - VP

Stephen Dranoff (2L) - Secretary

Marissa Pescatore (2L) - Treasurer

Ana Peligra (3L) - 3L Representative


Mission: Our goal is to educate the VLS community on how law effects a forgotten group, especially regarding criminal & family law matters. We seek to bring in guests to explain their jobs as they relate to juvenile law as well as how students can get involved.

Advisor:  Teri Ravenell

2019-2020 Officers:

Co-Presidents: Annemarie DiBlasio & Serena Gopal (3L's)

Vice President/Treasurer: Tara DeAngelis (2L)

Secretary: Karina Norwood (2L)

Group Liason: Annie McDermott (2L)

Youth Court Coordinator: Lona Sharpstene (3L)








Mission:  The Labor and Employment Law Society (LELS) is focused on exploring issues in the areas of employment law, labor law, and intersecting areas of law. We hope to connect with local practitioners who can encourage Villanova Law students interested in pursuing these fields with beneficial career advice, information on changes in the law, and more. We strive to have events on campus dedicated to current issues in these legal areas and collaborate with other groups on related legal issues.  

Advisor:  Professor Ann Juliano

2019-2020 Officers:

President: Shelby Krafka, 2L

Vice-President: Samantha Martin, 2L



Mission: The Middle Eastern Law Students Association (MELSA) aims to educate and raise awareness of the traditions, culture, history, and current events of the Middle East and North Africa. It is through this platform that MELSA seeks to create an open dialogue that promotes cross-cultural understanding. 

Advisor: Matt Saleh

2019-2020 Officers:

Meline Derderian, 2L, President

Mohamed Asker, 2L, Vice President

Jomana Abdallah, Treasurer

Christopher Mdeway, Secretary

1L Representatives: Tamar Tellado and Keenan Safadi



2019-2020 Officers:

Our purpose is twofold. First, we intend to cultivate a forum on military and veteran issues that is open to all. Second, we endeavor to provide a platform for participants to give back to the community.

Granger Benson, 2021 President

Charles Butrico, 2021, Vice President

Kahn Wiedis, 2020, Treasurer

Advisor:  Prof. Ann Juliano

Email Address:


National Lawyers Guild is the oldest, largest, and first racially-integrated progressive bar association in the United States. NLG is dedicated to human rights over property interests and fights to eliminate bigotry and safeguard the rights of women, people of color, LGBTQ+ people, people with disabilities and workers everywhere.

NLG has been involved in almost every major social movement since its inception, including the union and collective bargaining movement, the Civil Rights movement, Occupy Wall Street, Black Lives Matter, antiwar and antinuclear movements, prison abolition, and immigrant and refugee advocacy.

NLG at Villanova works to ensure the presence of a progressive voice at the law school by organizing panels, conversations, and volunteer opportunities in line with the historic activism of the NLG. We also advocate and organize to ensure that minority students feel safe, supported, and celebrated at Villanova Law.

Officers: 2020-2021

President: Delaney Keefe (1L)

Vice President: Kirstin Mohammed (1L)

Treasurer: Ashley Woodruff (2L)

Head of Outreach: Verishia Coaxum


Advisor:  Caitlin Barry





Our goal is to promote diversity within Villanova Law and to help foster an inclusive environment. We regularly have events that foster togetherness among Villanova Law's LGBTQ students and provide them with mentoring.


2018-2019 Officers:  

President: Michael Andresakes (3L) -

Vice President: Jillian Brennan (2L)

Treasurer: Cameron Campbell (3L)

Secretary: Julie Tamerler (3L) -

Advisor:  Caitlin Barry





Mission: Phi Alpha Delta is the legal fraternity for Villanova Law School. This organization strives to provide social and academic opportunities for the student-members. This fraternity has the only mock trial team that allows for 1L participation, and Phi Alpha Delta travels to a mock trial competition to compete against law schools across the country. Through mock trial, this organization helps students learn about the rules of evidence and court room procedure. 

2019-2020 Officers:

Austin Skelton, 2L

Michael Markus, 2L

Fernanda Sandoval, 2L

Chelsea Eret, 2L


Mission:  The Villanova Law Pro Bono Society strives to provide students hands-on opportunities to engage in substantive legal work benefitting indigent and deserving clients. This work is accomplished through partnerships with non-profit organizations in the Philadelphia area, and includes the Wills for Heroes Foundation, the Pennsylvania Innocence Project, the Montgomery County Public Defender's Office, the Christian Legal Clinic of Philadelphia, and the Face to Face birth certificate clinic. The Dorothy Day Award for pro bono service is facilitated through the Pro Bono Society. 

Advisors: Professors  MaryAnn Robinson and Caitlin Barry 

Officers 2019 - 2020:   

President: Chris Merken (2020)

Vice President: Greg Bailey (2020)

Treasurer: Colleen Bullock (2021)

Secretary: Austin Skelton (2021)

Fundraising Coordinator: Megan Mason (2021)

Face to Face

Yuliya Khromyak (2021)

Catherine Kapples (2021)

Street Law

Jake Etienne (2020)

Anne McDermott (2021)

Montco Expungement Clinic

Ronald Avila (2021)

Kevin Fernandez (2021)

Pennsylvania Innocence Project

Lauren Ferguson (2021)

Christian Legal Services

Sarah Blum (2021)

Wills for Heroes

Kahn Wiedis (2020)

Senior Law Center

Lona Sharpstene (2020)

Faculty Advisos: Professor Robinson and Professor Barry




PIFP Website

Advisor:  Ann C. Juliano


The Walter Lucas Public Interest Fellowship Program (PIFP) at Villanova University Charles Widger School of Law provides financial support to students who commit their summers to public service legal work. Many law students, dedicated to helping the less fortunate, are limited by financial constraints. Similarly, public interest legal organizations often cannot afford to hire much needed summer interns. Through fundraising, PIFP, an entirely student-run organization, provides summer fellowships to Villanova Law students, who in turn aid the larger community by working with various public interest organizations throughout the region, nation and world to deliver volunteer legal services to those in need.


PIFP 2019 -2020 Board

Lindsay Burrill, 3L - Director of PIFP 

Amy Krumenacker,3L  Vice Director of PIFP



Mission: The Villanova Sports Law Society seeks to further the mission of the Moorad Center for the Study of Sports Law, hoping to pave the way for future industry leaders in athletics. The Sports Law Society will bring in well-respected professionals with tremendous experience to speak with and mentor students, host fundraisers and competitions to promote school unity, and send students to case competitions around the United States for a chance to not only display their skills, but also network.


Advisor: Andrew Brandt

2019-2020 Officers:

President: Arun Thottakara

VP: Joseph Manganiello

VP: Stephen Dranoff

Treasurer: Austin Meo

Secretary: Kristin Dolan


Mission: The Saint Thomas More Society dedicates itself to promoting the Catholic faith at Villanova Law School. We endeavor to build a sense of community among our members, fostering personal and group spirituality. Through Masses, lectures, retreats and informal social gatherings, we aim to help students incorporate their Catholic faith into their law school experience. Under the patronage of Saint Thomas More, patron saint of lawyers, we strive to support each other in the effort to live lives based on the Gospel and to work for harmony and goodwill throughout the legal community.

Advisor:  Todd Aagaard/Brian McCabe

2019-2020 Officers:

Rodrigo Rivera, 3L,

Hannah Schroer, 2L,


email :


To reach out to local, low income, under-represented middle/high school students and educate them on their basic constitutional rights. We want to expose them to the ideas of both college and law school, showing them that no matter what obstacles they have in their life, they can go to college and law school.

President - Jake Etienne 3L

VP - Annie McDermott 2L

Secretary - Peter Herrick 3L

Treasurer - Catherine Kapples 2L

Outreach Coordinator - Emily O'Leary 1L

Internal Affairs - Joe Manganiello 2L

Curriculum Coordinator - Andre Desir 3L

Special Events Chair - Antionna Fuller 1L

Advisor:  Nicole Papp


See Student Bar Association Website














Mission: The mission of the Tax Law Society is to expose interested law students to the various opportunities available in tax. Our events will include inviting to campus tax practitioners from law firms, accounting firms, the government, and in-house groups in order to provide an opportunity for students to learn more about these different career paths and connect with professionals in the field. Further, we will hold events promoting the JD/LLM program available to law students. Lastly, we will provide opportunities for students to volunteer in the local community through the Volunteer Income Tax Assistance (VITA) program in the spring.

Advisor: Joy Mullane 

2019-2020 Officers:  

Benjamin Kurrass, 2L ( as President

Erin Kane, 2L ( as Vice President

Kyle Gallo, 2L ( as VITA Coordinator

Samuel Diorio, Treasurer


The mission: 

The VLS Dems work to connect law and politics in an inclusive, welcoming environment. The VLS Dems strive to bring engaging democratic speakers, including elected officials and attorneys.

2019-2020 Officers: 

Samantha Newell: President - 3L

Megan Patel: Secretary- 3L

Charlie Stegner- Freitag- Treasurer  

Open positions:

Vice President

1L reps

Advisor:  Professor Ann Juliano


Mission: To discuss and promote the traditional principles of the Republican Party: patriotism, free markets, and individual liberty. 

Advisor: Michael P. Moreland

2019-2020 Officers:   

Chairman:  Celso Leite, 2021



Mission:  Our organization seeks to promote personal injury practice to prospective students; including organizing panel discussions and professional networking events, so students have an opportunity to learn about personal injury, and actively engage with employers in the field

2019-2020 Officers:

Rachael Marvin - Co-President (2L)

Haley Laut, 2L, Co-President

Callie Terris, 2L, Vice-President 

Meline Derderian, 2L, Event Planner 

Advisor:  Michelle Dempsey


Mission: Villanova Law Students Against Sexual Violence strive to advocate for Title IX issues and educate our colleagues about current events relating to these issues. In this, we want to have an open, collaborative dialogue between this organization and fellow law students. We hope to prepare law students for their professional transition through programming focused on how Title IX issues translate into our future legal careers.

2019-2020 Officers:

Karla Pisarcik, 3L, President

Bianca Wolford, 2L, Vice-President

Cecilia Carreras, 2L, Treasurer

Mary Haggerty, 2L, Secretary 

Advisors:  Nancy Whalen and Ryan Rost


Mission: Provides support for other students who are caregivers in addition to being full-time students.

2019-2020 Officers:

Liliane Cooper, 2L President

Kathetoine Raynor, 2L VP

Tayce vanZoeteGalea, 3L Treasurer

Leah George 2L Secretary

Misty Toothman, 2L 2L Rep



Advisor:  Professor Edelman



The Women's Law Caucus (WLC) organizes and participates in programs and events to raise awareness about legal and non-legal issues that affect women. The WLC strives to create spaces for its members and the law school community to openly discuss these issues. The WLC has strong relationships with other students groups at the law school and with Villanova alumni. The WLC welcomes any member of the Villanova community to join the organization.

Advisor:  Professor Ann Juliano

2019 - 2020 Officers:

President: Emily Bley

Vice President: Grace Waweru

Treasurer: Victoria Mazzola

Secretary: Idna Castellon

Social Outreach Coordinators: Nkiruka Umegbolu, Hannah Rogers

Special Events Coordinator: Megan Mason

Men's Outreach Coordinator: Sam England