Cable TV

You should know better than to watch standard-def TV on an HD set. You’re in college! So get the most from your HDTV, including HD On Demand.

With DVR, you’ll never miss your favorite shows because of night classes, naptime or a couch potato roommate.

And if you’re starving for sports, then be the first in your hall to get the Comcast Sports Entertainment Pack, with hundreds more hours of sports programming every week.

Offers are only available in wired and serviceable areas on campus at Villanova University (and may not be transferred) and is limited to residential customers satisfying applicable eligibility criteria. Offer may not be available to certain current customers, to former customers with unpaid balances. Not all programming and services available in all areas. Comcast’s current monthly service charges for each service varies, depending on area. Limited to a single outlet. Service subject to Comcast standard terms and conditions. Prices shown do not include equipment and installation charges, taxes, franchise fees and in the case of telephone service the Regulatory Recovery Fee, or other applicable charges (e.g., international calling or per-call charges). $29.95 activation fee applies to Comcast Digital Voice. Cable Service: Certain services available separately or as a part of other levels of service. Converter and remote required to receive certain services. High Speed Service: PowerBoost® provides bursts of download and upload speeds for the first 20 MB and 10 MB of a file, respectively. Many factors affect speed. Actual speeds vary and are not guaranteed. Cable modem required. Rates are with subscription to Comcast video or phone. Comcast Digital Voice: Unlimited package pricing applies only to direct-dialed calls from home to locations in the U.S., Canada, Puerto Rico and certain other U.S. territories. No separate long distance carrier connection available. Comcast Digital Voice service (including 911/emergency services) may not function after an extended power outage. Rates are with subscription to cable and internet. Certain customer premises equipment may not be compatible with Digital Voice services. EMTA required ($3.00/month from Comcast). Call for restrictions and complete details.

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