Cable TV

Cable TV

Villanova University, through an agreement with Comcast Cable, provides cable TV service to all residence hall rooms. The cost of the Standard Cable Package from is included in student fees. HDTV and DVR packages are available via the Villanova Comcast office:

What You Need

Two coaxial cables: one to connect your cable box to the wall jack and another to connect your cable box to your TV. Coaxial cables are not provided with your cable setup. You may obtain these from online retailers, electronics stores, or the Villanova Bookstore.

What if I have trouble with my service?

In the event students experience issues or concerns with Comcast Cable, they may use the Villanova Comcast number at 1-855-638-2855 and inform the representative that he/she is in Area 09527. This identifies the area as Villanova University.