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Community First: This is Our Opportunity, Villanova

Dear Members of the Villanova Community,

I’ve heard it all this week:

  • “It’s only a matter of time.”
  • “College students won’t follow the rules. They are reckless and selfish.”
  • “What happened at all those other schools will happen here too.”


Well, to all of that I say...Prove. Them. Wrong.

As we head into the first full weekend of the fall semester, my message is simple: This is our opportunity, Villanova. Our one shot to do it right. Show the naysayers that it can be done, and that we are going to be the ones to do it. Let’s show the world what it means to be a Villanovan.

V’s up. Masks on. Community First.


image of Father Peter's signature

Rev. Peter M. Donohue, OSA