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A Message from the President

September 27, 2022

Dear Members of the Villanova Community,

Yesterday was Rosh Hashanah, a holy day of reflection and atonement for the Jewish community in prayerful anticipation of the coming year. I hope our Jewish community members had a meaningful celebration with family and friends, and that the coming year brings health, happiness and goodwill to you and your loved ones.

Yesterday, I too found myself reflecting on our community, and I wanted to share my thoughts and prayers with our Iran community members and their family and friends; and all those in Puerto Rico, the Caribbean, Florida and the southern states who have been, and will be, affected by the hurricanes.

To our Iranian community members, please know that we stand in solidarity with you and all those fighting oppression and working to create equity in Iran. I pray for a peaceful end to the conflict and the injustices occurring in Iran. On Wednesday, Sept. 28, at 4 p.m. at the Oreo, there will be a rally in support of the Iranian women’s brave fight for freedom and equality. I encourage you to attend if your schedule allows.

To our community members affected by Hurricanes Fiona and Ian, please know the thoughts and prayers of the Villanova community are with you. We continue to watch the coverage of the storms and their aftermath. Please know that we are here to support you and offer whatever assistance we can as you begin the recovery process.

With love and concern for all,