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2021 Policy on Drug-Free Schools and Workplace


November 30, 2021

Dear Members of the Villanova Community:

As an Augustinian Catholic institution, Villanova University has a deep concern for the safety and well-being of all its members. In that spirit, Villanova is committed to creating a University community that is free from substance abuse.

If you or someone you know struggles with drug and/or alcohol dependence, the University can help coordinate or provide counseling and education through a variety of programs. For students, the University offers services through the Dean of Students Office in Dougherty Hall, or the University Counseling Center and the Office of Health Promotion, both located in the Health Services Building. For members of the faculty and staff, the University provides an employee assistance program made available through Human Resources that includes referral and counseling services.

This information is being shared in response to the Drug-Free Schools and Campuses Act and the Drug-Free Workplace Act. This communication is intended to educate our community about the continuing commitment to achieve a drug-free environment and to provide a helpful resource for you and your families. The enclosed Policy contains:

  • a statement of Villanova‚Äôs policies,
  • educational material on the health risks associated with alcohol and other drugs,
  • information on the legal sanctions imposed by the federal, state and local governments for crimes associated with those substances, and
  • resources available to help you if you think you or someone you know has a problem.

I hope this information is useful and that you will join me in helping create a Villanova free of the influence of alcohol and substance abuse.