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Request the President for an Event

Requesting the President’s Participation for a Meeting or Event

  • Offices requesting the President’s participation in a meeting or an event should contact Erin Buckley, Assistant to the President at 610.519.8881 or to hold the date on the President's calendar.
  • The individual contacting Erin should be the designated liaison for the President’s Office for that meeting or event.
  • The request should be made as early as possible.
  • Once a meeting or event is confirmed on the President's calendar, please complete the President's Briefing Form. The completed briefing and supporting materials are due at least two weeks prior to the meeting/event. 

Information required Prior to a Scheduled Meeting or Event


  • Agenda
  • Meeting materials
  • Meeting attendance
  • If the President is asked to speak, please provide 4 to 5 key themes for his remarks as well as suggested speaking points that complement those themes


  • Copy of invitation
  • Timeline
  • Attendee list
  • Table seating details for the President
  • Program outline
  • Speaker talking points/remarks