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Laboratory for Lightwave Devices

Vapor Filling of Microstructured Optical Fibers

Led by Director Rosalind Wynne, PhD, associate professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering, the Laboratory for Lightwave Devices is home to educational laboratory exercises for undergraduate and graduate courses, in addition to research activity related to fiber optic sensor development. Students gain an intuitive understanding of the fundamental theories of optics, and experience hands-on training on industry-relevant equipment.      

Our research interests are in developing fiber optic sensors based on microstructured optical fiber technology for chemical sensing and biomedical applications. Microstructured optical fibers are an alternative to the standard cylindrical-shaped optical fiber waveguide. These fibers can be used either as transmission fibers or as sensors.               

Facilities in the Laboratory for Lightwave Devices include:

  • EricssonTM fusion splicer
  • Yogowa AQ6370 Optical Spectrum Analyzer
  • Ando™ 6315A Optical Spectrum Analyzer
  • Thorlabs™ fiber-optic motion control mounts
  • Corning™ SMF-28 single mode fiber
  • Ando™ 4303B white light source
  • 3M™ multimode fiber
  • Bullet™ bare fiber adapters
  • Corning Photonic Bandgap Fiber™ and Photonic Crystal Fibre™
  • 3 NewportTM Vibration Dampened Optical Tables 3'x4'
  • IQAir Health Pro Plus HEPA Air Filter for near clean room conditions


Dr. Rosalind Wynne

Dr. Rosalind Wynne
Associate Professor
Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering
Phone: (610) 519-4294