What Is Digital Badging?

Discover how digital badging can propel you toward your next promotion, accelerate your career growth, and fuel your commitment to lifelong learning.

The job market is more competitive than ever. 42% of employees agree they have trouble standing out from the crowd when submitting resumes. High-achieving professionals committed to improving and developing their professional skills are in demand. Job seekers and those seeking promotions within their organizations need to show that they are well-prepared to apply specific skills in real-world settings.

So, how can you stand out in a crowded applicant pool and let potential employers know that you are not only well-qualified but committed to continuous upskilling in your industry? Enter digital badges - a powerful tool to showcase your proficiency and acumen.

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What is a Digital Badge?

Digital badges are a visual representation of micro-credentials that you’ve earned through professional development coursework.  As Sasha Haddoun, Director of Professional Education at Villanova University’s College of Professional Studies, affirms, "Digital badges are a tangible way to demonstrate to peers and employers the professional credentials and knowledge you have acquired, putting you in control of your career narrative.”

They provide a timeline of professional development accomplishments. Employers, recruiters, and colleagues can click directly on a digital badge, bringing them to a unique and secure site describing the certificate or program course, the issuance and expiration dates, and the specific skills and knowledge learned. “Digital badges allow employers to easily view what you did to earn the credential, and they display the skills you are equipped with,” says Haddoun. "This recognition is not just a badge; it symbolizes your commitment and achievement.”

Completing online education courses now unlocks impactful career growth, showcasing your skills to your online network. With their user-friendly and accessible design, you can impress potential employers and stand out from the crowd. Share your achievements via social media, embed them directly into your email signature, or add them to your LinkedIn profile. In fact, LinkedIn users who display digital badges on their profile page can expect 6x more profile views. Including digital badges in your resume highlights specific skills you have mastered, a great complement to a traditional degree. 60% of employers stated they would be more inclined to interview applicants with job-specific badges on their resume.

Up Skill For Success

For job seekers looking to gain a leg up in the application process, digital badges allow individuals to communicate specific skill sets required for a job posting. They’re verifiable, too; employers and recruiters can easily verify your industry expertise by clicking on a digital badge earned through professional education coursework. These courses provide niche educational training for those looking to refine or enhance their skills within a particular industry. Employees looking to be promoted can also use digital badges to show their employer they are dedicated to continuing professional development.

Digital badges represent the convergence of knowledge and skills. Acquiring knowledge is different from learning a skill. You might grasp the concept of north, south, east, and west, but it's another thing to be able to translate that basic knowledge into the active skill of reading a map to arrive at your destination accurately. Online professional education courses allow individuals to gain knowledge that immediately translates to a specific skill set in real time, and the digital badge communicates the successful mastery of that skill.

"LinkedIn users who display digital badges on their profile page can expect 6x more profile views."

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Upskilled professionals committed to continuous education also make impactful contributions to their organizations. They are more likely to motivate peers to advance their careers and advocate for their organization outside of work. To put it succinctly, professionals who commit to lifelong learning shape a company's culture and drive long-term success.

Your Career, Your Way

The wide world of online education and professional development opens doors for working professionals to create a personalized career development plan. Attaining digital badges allows you to curate specific skills to measurably track progress toward personal goals, ensuring you stay in the driver’s seat of your career.

The professional education catalog available from Villanova University’s College of Professional Studies gives students the ability to earn digital badges in a wide variety of programs. The value of a CPS digital badge is backed by the high standards and academic rigor synonymous with Villanova courses. Speaking to Villanova CPS credentials, Haddoun says, “Our digital badges are backed by CPS and the high-quality education you receive here.” Each CPS digital badge is uniquely linked and hosted on Credly, a secure and reliable online digital credential network.

Examples of a Digital Badge and Program Certificate
The College of Professional Studies offers many programs that earn digital badges and certificates.

Boost Your Professional Marketability

At their core, digital badges depict educational experiences that are different than a traditional degree. Professional education helps individuals learn new skills and advance in their careers by choosing targeted courses and programs that fit their financial situation and life commitments. Digital badges encourage continuing education and a commitment to lifelong learning by motivating individuals toward advancement in their fields and careers.

“CPS certificates, credentials, and professional education programs provide working professionals with the marketable skills and competency boost they need to advance in their careers, and the digital badge showcases that for them,” remarks Haddoun.


If you’re looking to learn a new skill, focus on professional development, or increase the value of your resume, check out Villanova University’s College of Professional Studies. A wide selection of credit and non-credit certificate programs are available to explore and are taught by highly qualified faculty scholars and practitioners. Earning a digital badge from CPS demonstrates your dedication to lifelong learning and professional excellence.

Get more information about CPS programs, speak with an enrollment specialist, and embark on a journey to Pursue The Next You™ at Villanova.


About Villanova University’s College of Professional Studies: Founded in 2014, the College of Professional Studies (CPS) provides academically rigorous yet flexible educational pathways to high-achieving adult learners who are balancing professional and educational aspirations with life’s commitments. The CPS experience embodies Villanova’s century-long commitment to making academic excellence accessible to students at all stages of life. Students in CPS programs engage with world-class Villanova faculty, including scholars and practitioners, explore innovative educational technologies and experiences, and join an influential network of passionate alumni. In addition to its industry-leading programs at the nexus of theory and practice, CPS has built a reputation for its personal approach and supportive community that empowers adult students to enrich their lives, enhance their value in the workplace, and embark on new careers.

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