As graduation draws closer, you might be thinking about everything from loan repayment to loan consolidation.  Below is information on these topics and more that will help you make a smooth transition from a student to a graduate.

For information on repaying Federal Loans, please visit the Department of Education site.  

Federal regulations require that students who borrowed through the Federal Stafford Loan Program and/or the Federal Graduate PLUS Loan Program and who are going to graduate or who will no longer be enrolled on at least a half-time basis (6 credits minimum for J.D. students; 3 credits minimum for Graduate Tax students) must complete Exit Counseling. 

You can complete this requirement online at your convenience by going to  You will need your FSA ID to sign in. Signing in will enable you to view your federal student loan data available at the National Student Loan Data System (NSLDS), notify schools of counseling completion and save proof of counseling completion. Your personal portfolio of federal loans from NSLDS will be integrated into the session and you may also include any private loans you may have taken out. This will provide you with a more relevant, personal picture of your outstanding loans and repayment amounts.      

Before beginning the exit counseling process online (which should take you approximately 30 minutes), make sure you have the following information on hand:

1.Your FAFSA pin number – this is necessary to access this site 
2.Villanova Univeristy Charles Widger School of Law OPEID number - 00338801 
3.Your social security number and your driver’s license number 
4.If applicable, the name, address, telephone number and employer for your spouse 
5.Name, address and telephone number of  your next of kin (parent, relative) 
6.Name, address, and telephone number of your expected employer when you graduate 
7.Name, address, telephone number and employer of two references (cannot be the same as your next of kin)
If at any time you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact the Office of Financial Aid by calling 610-519-7015 or emailing the office at

Several lenders offer bar exam loans to assist you in paying for expenses incurred while preparing to take your bar exam.  This private loan can finance such items as the bar exam cost, bar review course fees and living expenses while you study for the bar.  These loans typically range from $12,000 to $16,000 and you can only apply up to the maximum allowed.  In general you can borrow these funds during your last year of law school and for approximately six to twelve months after you graduate.  The eligibility, terms, interest rate, fees and application deadlines vary from lender to lender and approval is usually dependent on your credit history.  These loans generally have stricter credit criteria so it may be necessary to apply with a co-signer.  You should contact lenders directly for more specific information and to apply for the bar loan that best meets your needs.  Please contact the Office of Financial Aid with any further general questions.