Villanova Law Launches Intellectual Property Law Clinic

This fall, Villanova University Charles Widger School of Law established a new clinic specializing in intellectual property (IP) law, led by Clinic Director and Assistant Professor of Law Waseem Moorad. Intellectual property includes inventions, brand names, logos, and artistic works used in commerce and are legally protected through patents, trademarks, copyrights and trade secrets.

Villanova Law clinics offer students the unique opportunity to assume direct responsibility for a client’s case on a pro bono basis while receiving academic credit. Now the eighth in-house clinic at the school, the Intellectual Property Law Clinic will allow students to gain critical hands-on experience helping clients through the patent and trademark prosecution process.

“We are thrilled to welcome Professor Moorad to Villanova Law,” said Caitlin Barry, Professor and director of the Clinical Program. “Under Professor Moorad’s leadership, the clinic will offer our students an enriched hands-on experience and also be an asset to the members of our Villanova community and beyond.”

Moorad, co-founder and senior partner of Kondori & Moorad, brings a background in electrical engineering and 15 years of professional experience with the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) to Villanova Law. Most recently, he served as acting director of the Detkin Intellectual Property and Technology Legal Clinic at the University of Pennsylvania Carey School of Law.

“I’ve been fortunate to gain a lot of practical experience across my career, and I am eager to share that with Villanova Law students and help them navigate the industry while learning the importance of legal research and the patent process with their clients,” said Moorad.

“I am also looking forward to our new IP clinic's impact on the Villanova community. While this offers a tremendous experience for our law students, the clinic will also serve many students across campus and other members of the community.”

Clients may come to the clinic for legal counseling and consultation on all aspects of the intellectual property process. Students working in the clinic will gain a critical understanding of basic concepts such as case analysis, case planning, contract drafting and offering their clients general counsel. They also gain a working knowledge of the key legal components in the IP field, including possible infringement risks, patentability and trademark clearance searches and USPTO prosecution practices.

Moorad looks forward to expanding Villanova Law’s clinical offerings and, by extension, helping bring new ideas to life.

“Intellectual property is so prevalent today,” he says. “An innovative idea of any kind contains IP at its core. Our clinic is uniquely positioned to provide students with an immersive experience while supporting the next generation of great entrepreneurs, inventors and innovators.”