"The Civic Bargain: How Democracy Survives," 09/19

The David F. and Constance B. Girard-diCarlo Center for Ethics, Integrity and Compliance welcomes


Brook Manville
Co-Author of The Civic Bargain: How Democracy Survives


Tuesday, September 19
12:30–1:30 p.m.

Martin G. McGuinn '67 Ceremonial Classroom (Room 201)
John F. Scarpa Hall


Is democracy in trouble, perhaps even dying? Pundits say so, and polls show that most Americans believe that their country’s system of governance is being “tested” or is “under attack.” But is the future of democracy necessarily so dire? In The Civic Bargain, historians Brook Manville and Josiah Ober push back against the prevailing pessimism about the fate of democracy around the world. Instead of an epitaph for democracy, they offer a guide for democratic renewal, calling on citizens to recommit to a “civic bargain” with one another to guarantee civic rights of freedom, equality and dignity.

Author Brook Manville will join Brenner Fissell, associate professor of law at Villanova Law, to discuss The Civic Bargain. This event is co-sponsored by the Federalist Society and the American Constitution Society student groups. Lunch will be provided. Quantities are limited. No registration is necessary. 

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