The Inside Story of Tipper X: A Journey Down the Slippery Slope, 3/23

Co-sponsored by the John F. Scarpa Center for Entrepreneurship and Law and the Corporate Law Society




Wednesday, March 23
12:25-1:25 p.m.
Martin G. McGuinn '67 Ceremonial Courtroom (Room 201)
John F. Scarpa Hall


From 2008-2012, Tom Hardin, a little-known financial analyst, assisted FBI agents in understanding how insider trading occurred in the financial services industry. As the youngest professional later implicated in the sting, Hardin, known by his undercover moniker “Tipper X,” was tasked with wearing a covert body wire to help the FBI bring down some of its biggest targets in the industry, leading to the largest Wall Street house cleaning campaign of a generation. Hardin was later invited by the FBI to speak to their rookie agents in 2016 and is now a global keynote speaker, corporate trainer and board advisor on behavioral ethics, compliance and organizational conduct, and culture risk. 

In this special lecture, Hardin will share his journey down the slippery slope into criminal activity and the impact it had on friends and family. He’ll discuss the psychological traps which pulled him into a spiral of rationalization. This event is open to the Villanova Law and Villanova University communities.