Who is a Mentee?

A mentee is a Villanova student seeking mentorship from a Villanova alumnus who works in the business world. Students select their mentor based on their field of interest, desired work location and development areas. They outline goals and engage mentors on how to achieve success.

How do I join the program?

VSB and business minor students are eligible to join once they have declared their major sophomore year. Eligible students opt in by completing their mentee profile in the Chronus mentoring system. The system will identify the mentee’s top alumni mentor recommendations. The mentee then selects the mentor they feel could provide them the best guidance on their chosen major/career path.

What is the commitment level?

Mentees and Mentors are encouraged to talk monthly through the mentee’s graduation. However, the commitment level ranges based on the relationship of the pair. While some pairs prefer having monthly catch-ups/check-ins, other pairs speak as frequently as once a week. Communication is key to the success of a mentoring relationship. Ultimately, what you put into the relationship is what you will get out.

Tips for maintaining a great relationship:

  • Take ownership of your relationship, share what you want to work on
  • Communicate promptly and professionally—be sure to ask for feedback and listen!
  • Aim for at least monthly discussions
  • Have a goal set for each meeting—use the time efficiently and have questions prepared
  • Show appreciation and be mindful of your mentor’s time
  • Be flexible to evolutions in the mentorship
  • Don’t be afraid to ask honest, open questions
  • Ultimately… what you put into the relationship is what you’ll get out!
  • Notify Michele in a timely manner if you have any concerns - michele.gianforcaro@villanova.edues and understand how mentors achieve work-life balance. 

Meet a Mentee

Christina Cronin

Meet Christina Cronin!

“Networking is fundamental to a successful business career. The VSB Mentor Program has helped me gain an invaluable advantage by creating long-term relationships that have enabled me to grow as an aspiring business professional. My mentor has helped me with everything from interview preparations to life-long advice that I will use throughout my personal career. I am honored to be a part of such an outstanding program and I can only hope to provide the dedication and guidance my mentor has once I am a graduate of VSB.”
- Christina Cronin '20 VSB



Michele Gianforcaro
Associate Director of Professional Development – Mentor Program


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