Legal employers rate writing as the most important skill in new hires. In the Duane Morris LLP Legal Writing program, we immerse you in five rigorous semesters of legal writing courses to provide you with the skills to write everything from a client-advising email to a legal brief.

Our seven full-time professors of law, with over 90 years of combined teaching experience, are committed to helping you hone the written and verbal skills needed for success in legal practice. Each year, they create new and innovative exercises to introduce various writing skills in different situations, and they are committed to working with you outside of the classroom to help meet your needs and goals. Our writing specialist provides individualized coaching and small group writing workshops, reinforcing the concepts introduced in class and improving your overall writing ability.

 One critical component of effective legal writing is research. At Villanova Law, you will be taught the essential skill of legal research by expert legal research instructors who will help you develop research strategies to meet the widely varied needs of modern legal practice.

In addition to a comprehensive curriculum, students have opportunities to work on three published journals for significant additional training and to help you develop disciplined legal writing skills.


“I was the only 1L in my summer internship class. After seeing my work product, the administrative judges I worked for trusted me enough to draft orders and opinions on their behalf, a task typically reserved for the upperclassmen. I owe this all to the legal writing program at Villanova Law.” 

– Steve Bertil '16