Policies and Procedures

Below are listed some of the basic policies and procedures of Villanova's Mail Services. Following these policies and procedures will help to ensure that your mail is routed correctly and in a timely manner as well as helping to make sure that the correct postage or shipping charges are charged to the appropriate department.

1. Preparing mail for pick up

Each department should establish a box or location in their office where all outgoing mail is placed for your mail carrier to pick up. All mail to be picked up should be boxed or bundled in a rubber band and divided into the following categories.

A. Intra-Campus Mail 

Mail going to another department or to a resident student. This mail should be separated and bundled all facing the same direction in groups of departmental mail, student mailboxes under 5000, and student mailboxes 5000 and up.

B. Mail to be Metered

Mail that is for official University business will have postage applied and charged to your department. This mail must be sorted by size, bundled in a rubber band all facing the same direction, and have a pink outgoing mail request slip attached with your department's account number and an authorized signature. Business size envelopes that are not excessively thick can be sealed by our metering machine, unsealed mail should be separated from pre-sealed mail and bundled with the flaps turned down. Any International and Special Services Mail should be separated from first class mail to be metered.

To order Outgoing Mail Request slips please call the Mailroom @ 94492

C. Pre Stamped Mail

Mail that is already stamped can be left for pickup with your department's mail. Please separate from campus and metered mail and bundle with a rubber band.

2. Special Services

Certified Mail

Certified mail is first class mail that the recipient is required to sign for at the time of delivery. For an extra charge, a return receipt is available that is returned to showing when the article was delivered and who signed for it. Certified slips and return receipts must be filled out in advance by the sender and are available at Mail Services in Kennedy Hall. Due to restrictions by the postal service, anything to be certified must be brought to a post office by the sender. If an item is University business and must be certified, the mailroom can compute and apply the postage for you to bring to the post office.


The University uses two vendors for express delivery service. UPS is the preferred vendor and offers substantial discounts to the University. Many departments have their own UPS account number and supplies, those who don't ship as often can get supplies with the general UPS account number from the mailroom. UPS express items can be brought to the mailroom (Picked up by UPS at 4:00 pm) or dropped in one of the boxes on campus (picked up by UPS at 6:00 pm. UPS will not deliver any packages addressed to a PO box #. Postal Service express is also available, prices are slightly higher than what the University pays for UPS but only the Postal Service can deliver to a PO Box address.