Current Postage Rates

In January 2018, USPS is updating its product prices

The U.S. Postal Service recently filed for rate changes with the Price Regulatory Commission that, if approved, will go into effect January 21, 2018.

You can learn more about the proposed increase by visiting:


Below is a summary of the changes in some of the more commonly used postage rates. Complete details of the new rates can be found on the Postal Service's website at: US Postal Service price list .

Tips for offsetting the upcoming postage increase.

Discuss postage impact with Graphic Services or Mail Services early on in the print/mail project planning phase. By engaging with Mail services early in the planning phase, departments can sometimes offset higher postage rates with simple printing guidance.

Postage Rates

First Class Mails
Weight Retail Letters and Cards Retail Flats Retail Parcels
  Postcards $0.34    
Up to 1 oz. $0.49 $0.98 $3.00
2 oz. $0.70 $1.19 $3.00
3 oz. $0.91 $1.40 $3.00
Letters over 3.5ozs move to FLAT RATES
4 oz. - $1.61 $3.00
5 oz. - $1.82 $3.16
Other Mails
Weight Priority Mail Library Rate Media Mail
Up to 1  lb. $6.65 $2.50 $2.63
  Prices vary by zone    
2 lb. by Zone $2.97 $3.12
3 lb. by Zone $3.44 $3.61
4 lb. by Zone $3.91 $4.10
5 lb. by Zone $4.38 $4.59

* For Priority Mails, all weight increments over 1 lb vary by destination.