Webinar Series

November 15, 2017

Lindsey Taillie

Food Marketing to Youth

Maria Roma-Palofax, RD, PhD

The majority of baby and toddler food products offered by companies in the United States provide nutritious options for young children. However, many of the products and marketing messages do not support, and some cases, run counter to expert recommendations for encouraging lifelong healthy dietary preferences and eating habits. Attendees will learn the various ways food marketing is used to influence parental purchasing decisions and the impact these marketing tactics may have on shaping parental perceptions of healthy feeding practices. Webinar participants will leave with an enhanced understanding of the role of food marketing in infant and toddler feeding practices and the role health professionals and policy makers can play in challenging these marketing practices and supporting parents in their quest to promote healthy eating habits in their children.  

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December 13, 2017

Exploring Telenutrition: Evidence, Operationalization, and Opportunities

Nina Crowley, PhD, RD & Molly Jones RD, LD