Webinar Series

November 2016

Beth Vallen PhD

The PRISE Protocol for Optimal Health and Performance 

Paul J. Arciero FACSM, FTOS 

Do you struggle to make sense of what steps to take to exercise, eat healthy and manage stress despite an abundance of easily accessible information? This case of “information overload” has created confusion, frustration and an epidemic of inaction, leading to the opposite effect of what it was designed to prevent --- poor eating habits, physical inactivity, stress, and disease. This webinar will provide participants with easy-to-follow lifestyle strategies to optimize health and performance using the evidence-based lifestyle program “P.R.I.S.E.”, the acronym for Protein (P); Resistance (R); Interval (I); Stretching (S); and Endurance (E) exercise training.

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Below is a sneak peek of our 2016/2017 line-up!  

Month Presenter Topic
December  Jeremy Clofene, PhD Social and Cognitive Psychology in Weight Management
January   Jennifer Savage-Williams, PhD Responsive Parenting and Obesity Prevention
February   Nicole Simone, MD Diet, Genetics and Cancer Effectiveness
March   Brie Turner-McGrievy, PhD, RD Plant-based Diet and Weight Loss