Webinar Series

January 2017

Jeremy Clorfene

The Role of Responsive Parenting in Pediatric Obesity Prevention 

Jennifer Savage Williams, Ph.D. 

Despite recent declines in the prevalence of obesity among preschool children, about 12.7 million children and adolescents, including a disproportionate number of minority and low-income children are affected, placing them at risk for medical and psychological concerns. This webinar will include discussion of pediatric obesity prevention research designed to 1) build, optimize, and evaluate multi-faceted interventions delivered in multiple settings (community, health care, and home) and 2) use an intergenerational approach targeting gestational weight gain to improve maternal/infant health at critical time points in the life cycle.

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February 2017

Jeremy Clorfene

Diet Modification as a Novel Therapeutic for Cancer Treatment: When Less is More  

Nicole L. Simone, M.D.  

Rates of metabolic syndrome and obesity are increasing at an alarming rate, however, nutritional guidelines during cancer treatment have not changed to acknowledge and adapt to this trend. Dietary modifications that address an altered metabolic state in individuals with cancer may be effective in augmenting the response to chemotherapy and radiation. When combined with radiation, dietary interventions which lower caloric intake may inhibit tumor growth and metastases and improve survival. Join us to learn how obesity and metabolic syndrome may contribute to increased cancer incidence and impact outcomes following cancer treatment.

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March 2017

Brie Turner picture

Plant-based possibilities: Use of plant-based diets for weight loss 

Brie Turner-McGrievy PhD, MS, RD

Are plant-based diets a proven strategy for chronic disease prevention and weight loss? What are the benefits of and barriers to adopting a plant-based diet lifestyle? Despite extensive research examining the relationship between plant-based diets and body weight, use of these diets in clinical practice remains quite limited. Join us as Dr. Brie Turner-McGrievy presents new research from interventional and observational studies examining the association between plant-based eating style adherence, body weight and health. Learn to apply evidenced-based methods that make adopting and adhering to a plant-based diet both practical and achievable. Participants will leave the webinar with a better understanding of how and when plant-based diets can help patients achieve a healthier weight as well as greater confidence in recommending and implementing them.

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