Webinar Series

December 2016

Jeremy Clorfene

Utilizing Social and Cognitive Psychology for Improving Obesity Treatment

Jeremy Clorfene, Ph.D.

The journey of losing weight and keeping it off is littered with enormous challenges. Our society and our own brain exert forces that pull us towards highly palatable processed food, making weight control a formidable task. Using traditional dietary approaches alone may limit effectiveness of obesity treatment. During this webinar, participants will explore the many social and cognitive forces that impact how we think, behave, and make food choices. Attendees will learn how incorporating tools and techniques that are rooted in social and cognitive psychology in weight control interventions may positively influence outcomes and overall health.

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January 2017

Jeremy Clorfene

The Role of Responsive Parenting in Pediatric Obesity Prevention 

Jennifer Savage Williams, Ph.D. 

Despite recent declines in the prevalence of obesity among preschool children, about 12.7 million children and adolescents, including a disproportionate number of minority and low-income children are affected, placing them at risk for medical and psychological concerns. This webinar will include discussion of pediatric obesity prevention research designed to 1) build, optimize, and evaluate multi-faceted interventions delivered in multiple settings (community, health care, and home) and 2) use an intergenerational approach targeting gestational weight gain to improve maternal/infant health at critical time points in the life cycle.

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Below is a sneak peek of our 2017 line-up!  

Month Presenter Topic
February   Nicole Simone, MD Diet, Genetics and Cancer Effectiveness
March   Brie Turner-McGrievy, PhD, RD Plant-based Diet and Weight Loss
April Theresa Tait, RD
Using Positive Emotion to Facilitate Behavior Change