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For any and all media questions and requests, please contact Villanova University's Media Relations Office:

Jonathan Gust
Director of Media Relations
(610) 519-6508

Kathleen Scavello
Assistant Director of Media Relations
(610) 519-6733

Kiera Daly
Media Relations Specialist                                                               
(610) 519-7357

Emily Walsh
Media Relations Coordinator
(610) 519-8352

Media Relations Office
(610) 519-5152

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Escalating Israel – Palestine Conflict

Escalating Israel – Palestine Conflict

The decade’s long conflict between Israel and Palestine has reignited, resulting in the worst violence in the region in years. Tensions between the two countries date back to the creation of the Jewish state of Israel in 1948. Villanova faculty experts are available to discuss the history of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict; the flashpoints on either side that continue to fuel the clash; its economic and political impact; and what the United States should be doing to help improve the situation. 

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