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Jonathan Gust
Director of Media Relations
(610) 519-6508

Kathleen Scavello
Assistant Director of Media Relations
(610) 519-6733

Kiera Daly
Media Relations Specialist                                                               
(610) 519-7357

Emily Walsh
Media Relations Coordinator
(610) 519-8352

Media Relations Office
(610) 519-5152

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Giving Thanks: A time for turkey and tradition

In many American households today, the Thanksgiving celebration centers on cooking and sharing a delicious meal with family and loved ones. Though turkey may or may not have been offered at the first “harvest feast” many centuries ago, it is consumed by 90% of Americans on Thanksgiving Day. Faculty experts in the Villanova School of Business and the College of Nursing are available to discuss the economics of the holiday, as well as the nutritional traps to steer clear of when digging in to one of the most anticipated meals of the year.

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