Media Relations Staff Directory

For any and all media questions and requests, please contact Villanova University's Media Relations Office:

Jonathan Gust
Director of Media Relations
(610) 519-6508

Kathleen Scavello
Assistant Director of Media Relations
(610) 519-6733

Kiera Daly
Media Relations Specialist                                                               
(610) 519-7357

Emily Walsh
Media Relations Coordinator
(610) 519-8352

Media Relations Office
(610) 519-5152

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Super Bowl XLVIII

Super Bowl XLVIII

More than 100 million people will tune in on Feb. 1 to watch football’s ultimate contest, the Super Bowl. It’s the most-watched television event of the year with many viewers more interested in the commercials than the game itself. Villanova faculty experts can comment on Super Bowl advertising, sports and society, how to eat healthy at Super Bowl parties, the construction of publicly financed sports stadiums, and the business, legal issues and policies behind the NFL. 

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