Villanova in the Media

Media Highlights from September 2017

Judith Giesberg, PhD, professor of History and director of the Graduate Program in History
The work of Judith Giesberg, PhD, professor of History and director of the Graduate Program in History, was featured in the Washington Post.

Villanova’s distinctive academic programs, world-class faculty, cutting-edge research and super-star students place the University in the national media spotlight. Below is a sampling of media highlights from September 2017:

Andrew Brandt Discusses National Anthem Controversy within NFL

CBS This Morning – 09/30/2017

At Lambeau Field Thursday night, players from both the Green Bay Packers and the Chicago Bears linked arms as a sign of unity during the playing of the National Anthem … for the latest on the controversy we’re joined by Andrew Brandt, he’s a former Green Bay Packers Vice President and now a columnist at Sports Illustrated and the Director of the Moorad Center for Sports Law at Villanova University.

Seeking Virtues in Virtual Reality Stocks

U.S. News & World Report – 09/27/2017

For all the immersive games you might want to play via virtual reality, gaming the market probably isn’t one of them. The technology has excited many gamers and tech geeks but hasn''t yet yielded substantive investment returns, virtual or otherwise … "Except for Google Cardboard (GOOG, GOOGL), it's way too expensive – today," says Steve Andriole, a business technology professor at Villanova School of Business in the Philadelphia area. "But within a few years, VR will be as affordable as smartphones, or cheaper.”

Group accuses Pope Francis of heresy

USA Today – 09/25/2017

A group of Catholic scholars and clergy has accused Pope Francis of heresy in connection with a 2016 papal document that discusses divorce and remarriage, according to a 25-page letter made public by the group. … Massimo Faggioli, a professor at Villanova University’s Department of Theology and Religious Studies, said the signatories represent a “tiny, extreme fringe of the opposition to Francis” and do not include any cardinals or bishops with formal standing in the Catholic Church.

Robots have already taken over our work, but they’re made of flesh and bone

The Guardian – 09/25/2017

Most of the headlines about technology in the workplace relate to robots rendering people unemployed. But what if this threat is distracting us from another of the distorting effects of automation? To what extent are we being turned into workers that resemble robots? ... Brett Frischmann is a professor in law, business and economics at Villanova University, Pennsylvania.

Hernandez estate lawsuit faces long odds, but Pats, NFL may want to settle, expert says

The Boston Globe – 09/22/2017

The National Football League and New England Patriots will fight hard to get the Aaron Hernandez estate’s concussion lawsuit dismissed, but they could have an incentive to settle if that strategy fails, according to legal experts. … But a third expert, Andrew Brandt, said he doesn’t see a settlement on the horizon. “My sense is they would not settle, as they would have a lot of defenses around Hernandez’s lifestyle and his short career in the NFL compared to other levels of football,” said Brandt, who heads the Moorad Center for the Study of Sports Law at Villanova University.

Challenge of Allergan tribal patent deal in uncharted legal territory

Reuters – 09/15/2017

As generic drug manufacturers are gearing up to argue that a deal Allergan Plc made with a Native American tribe to shield patents from administrative review is a sham, some experts say the generic companies are in uncharted legal territory … Michael Risch, a professor of patent law at Villanova University School of Law, said the payday lending disputes are legally distinct because in this case Allergan actually transferred its patents to the tribe.

Circuit Split on Legislator-Led Prayer Could Entice Supreme Court

Bloomberg BNA – 09/14/2017

The U.S. Supreme Court may need to decide the constitutionality of legislator-led prayer after the full U.S. Court of Appeals for the Sixth Circuit upheld such a practice, legal scholars told Bloomberg BNA … The ruling here was more consistent with Supreme Court precedent than the Fourth Circuit’s ruling in Lund, which struck down a North Carolina county board’s prayer, Michael P. Moreland, a professor who teaches constitutional law at Villanova University law school, Villanova, Pa., told Bloomberg BNA by email.

After This 26-Year-Old Entrepreneur Received a Condescending Message, She Responded in an Amazing and Inspiring Way

Entrepreneur – 09/14/2017

When you’re a young founder, you always run the risk, no matter how passionate or prepared you are, of being underestimated. So how do you rise above it, and maintain your sense of self and your conviction that what you’re doing is right? … She first came up with the idea when she was an undergrad at Villanova, working for another recruiting firm in the same space.

Hurricane Irma: Florida’s Overdevelopment Has Created a Ticking Time Bomb

Scientific American – 09/12/2017

Millions are without power in Florida after Irma—one of the most powerful Atlantic hurricanes on record—swept through the state this weekend before weakening to a tropical storm … Scientific American spoke with Strader, an assistant professor of geography and the environment at Villanova University, about why Florida and many other places now face a graver risk from natural disasters—and what officials, developers and the public can do to address the problem.

How the Hurricane Season Will Affect Our Wallets

U.S. News & World Report – 09/11/2017

In some ways, the question is pointless. Who cares? Who cares how much Americans across the country will end up paying out of their bank accounts and with their credit cards? … There will be some turbulence, but it might shake out all right in the end, according to David Fiorenza, an economics instructor at the Villanova School of Business at Villanova University.

‘My mother was sold from me’: After slavery, the desperate search for loved ones in ‘last seen ads’

Washington Post – 09/07/2017

Ten months after the Civil War ended, a mother who had been ripped away by slavery from her children started looking for them. Elizabeth Williams, who had been sold twice since she last saw her children more than 25 years hence, placed a heart-wrenching ad in a newspaper … Those ads are now being digitized in a project called “Last Seen: Finding Family After Slavery,” which is run by Villanova University’s graduate history program in collaboration with Philadelphia’s Mother Bethel AME Church.

Historians Weigh In On Where America Stands Today

NPR “On Point” – 09/06/2017

American history ripples with grandeur and shame. Liberty and freedom. Genocide and slavery. Thrilling ideas of equality and opportunity. Tough realities of the opposite … “When you look at the map of red and blue states and overlap on top of it the map of the Civil War—and who was allied with who in the Civil War—not much has changed,” Judith Giesberg, the editor of the Journal of the Civil War Era and a historian at Villanova University, told me.

Those surprising gardens along I-95 in Fishtown? They’ll manage Olympic amounts of stormwater

Philadelphia Inquirer – 09/05/2017

It’s a surprising sight: a large garden next to a sound-barrier wall along I-95 in Philadelphia’s Fishtown neighborhood, with an undulating grade, marked by tall grasses, wildflowers, evergreens, and other trees … The gardens are part of a novel collaboration among PennDot, Villanova University, and Temple University to prevent rainwater from flowing from the highway into the city’s overtaxed storm-water system

Where (and how) to find the best Labor Day weekend deals

USA Today – 09/01/2017

To many, Labor Day signals the end of summer, or the fashion tradition that discourages wearing white. But the federal holiday is also synonymous with something else: deals … You have a limited time to shop Labor Day deals, but they aren’t confined to the holiday, says Charles R. Taylor, a marketing professor at Villanova School of Business.

Why Princess Diana conspiracy theories refuse to die – 09/01/2017

Derek Arnold is an Instructor in Communication at Villanova University. August 31 is the 20th anniversary of the stunning, tragic death of Princess Diana in Paris, France, when Diana's chauffeured Mercedes hit a pillar inside an underpass just after midnight, killing her, her boyfriend, Dodi Al Fayed, and her driver, Henri Paul.