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Media Highlights from November 2016

The Washington Post highlighted Villanova University President, Rev. Peter M. Donohue, OSA, PhD, as one of 70 leaders in Catholic higher education who signed a statement of solidarity with undocumented students.
The Washington Post highlighted Villanova University President, Rev. Peter M. Donohue, OSA, PhD, as one of 70 leaders in Catholic higher education who signed a statement of solidarity with undocumented students.

Villanova’s distinctive academic programs, world-class faculty, cutting-edge research and super-star students place the University in the national media spotlight. Below is a sampling of media highlights from November 2016:

Catholic college leaders pledge solidarity with undocumented students
The Washington Post | 11/30/2016

More than 70 leaders in Catholic higher education have signed a statement of solidarity with undocumented students, urging protection for those who arrived in the United States as children at a time when the incoming Trump administration is pledging to crack down on illegal immigration. Among the signers of the statement made public Wednesday by the Association of Catholic Colleges and Universities were the presidents of Villanova University, DePaul University, Boston College and Catholic University in the nation’s capital.

The Graceful 'Graying' Of Black Friday Is A Response To Millennials
Forbes | 11/28/2016

The term “Black Friday” is thought to have originated in Philadelphia about 55 years ago, and initially referred to the congestion and crowds caused by the busy shopping day that occurs on the Friday immediately following Thanksgiving … This article is by Charles R. “Ray” Taylor, the John A. Murphy professor of marketing at the Villanova University School of Business and senior research fellow at the Center for Marketing and Consumer Insights.

Finding Earth 2.0 Will Be Harder Than We Thought
Smithsonian | 11/28/2016

In a new opinion piece in the journal Astrobiology, Edward Guinan from Villanova University and I caution not to overhype the possible discovery of a second Earth. Although there are now more than 3,000 confirmed planets outside of our Solar System, truly “Earthlike” planets will be exceedingly rare.

Who will be Trump's secretary of state?
MSNBC | 11/26/2016

Joining me now is Maria Teresa Kumar, president and CEO Voto Latino, and Mark Alexander, the Dean of the Villanova Law School … “Well I think this is a huge concern – it should be a concern for any president elect. To see the things that should be behind the scenes – the debates, people angle for the jobs – but for it to be put out like this by the supporters, by the supposed staffers, it’s not a campaign where you sort of have all these leaks. This is a presidency, this is serious business. And the president elect has to think about how he’s going to conduct himself, especially in times like this where diplomacy is so important.

If Berlusconi is like Trump, what can Italy teach America?
The Guardian | 11/21/2016

Among the world leaders who congratulated Donald Trump on his surprise election victory was the politician to whom the billionaire real estate mogul and reality television star has most often been compared: Silvio Berlusconi … Italian bishops looked the other way and did not criticize what might otherwise have been deemed less-than-Christian behavior, as long as Berlusconi helped them on their legislative agenda, including blocking same-sex unions, limiting fertility treatments opposed by the church, and generally addressing their fear of being “swallowed up by secularization, Islam [in the form of immigration], and liberalization,” said Massimo Faggioli, a church historian at Villanova University.

Online law degrees flourish under tight supervision
Financial Times | 11/20/2016

A year’s tuition fees at Harvard Law School for its juris doctor degree — a graduate legal qualification — is $59,550 … “Law schools still using a pedagogy developed at Harvard almost a century and a half ago are slow to embrace change of any sort,” says Michele Pistone, professor of law at Villanova University and co-author of “Disrupting Law School”, a report published this year by the Clayton Christensen Institute.

Black Friday ad leaks give glimpse of holiday deal future
USA Today | 11/18/2016

Black Friday isn’t until Nov. 25, but with each day that passes, we’re getting a clearer picture of what the shopping bonanza — or, to some, mayhem — will look like … “One really big thing this year is we’re seeing more free shipping than ever online,” says Charles R. Taylor,  a marketing professor at Villanova School of Business. “I think a big part of the reason for this is Amazon has Prime, and to compete with Amazon, the retailers really feel like they have to offer free shipping during this season.”

The Mets Middleman Who’s Always on Call

The New York Times | 11/18/2016

Two days before the start of last year’s winter meetings, Major League Baseball’s annual convention, the Mets announced that General Manager Sandy Alderson could not attend the event in Nashville because he was dealing with a treatable form of cancer. His main lieutenants agreed to turn to one point man during what turned out to be four busy and critical days in their off-season: John Ricco, the team’s assistant general manager since 2004…He worked at the student newspaper at Villanova, where he earned a degree in communications, and by his second semester he was the sports editor.

Trump voters want what Reagan wanted
The Washington Post | 11/17/2016

Donald Trump has won what might be the greatest “change election” in decades. Republican leaders are only now waking up to the fact that the change Trump’s voters want will end up changing the GOP, too … Henry Olsen is a senior fellow at the Ethics and Public Policy Center and an adjunct professor at Villanova University.

Doctors Work With Engineers to Improve Diagnoses
U.S. News & World Report | 11/16/2016

A partnership between engineers at Villanova University and doctors at the Children's Hospital of Philadelphia underscores how data-driven approaches using physics, math and computer algorithms can help doctors better diagnose and predict medical conditions.

Bronzed President-Elect Trump Set to Boost Copper Futures
TheStreet | 11/16/2016

Copper futures finished a record week for the sturdy metal, just after the U.S. presidential election, with December Comex prices settling at $2.50 per-pound last Friday, after rising as high as $2.73 per-pound earlier in the week … "Copper prices could indeed be seeing a boost due to Trump's plan to increase infrastructure spending," offers John Sedunov, assistant professor of finance at Villanova School of Business.

Villanova Asks Professors to Discuss Postelection Tensions in Class
Chronicle of Higher Education | 11/15/2016

A spate of racially charged and hate-motivated incidents has roiled campuses since Donald J. Trump was elected president last week. Villanova University officials are among the institutional leaders who have condemned such events, and on Monday they went a step further, urging faculty members to talk with students during class about the incidents.

Villanova again appears championship-worthy, despite being overlooked
ESPN | 11/15/2016

The eyes of college basketball will be upon the Champions Classic on Tuesday night in the “World’s Most Famous Arena” as No. 2 Kentucky faces No. 13 Michigan State, followed by No. 1 Duke taking on No. 7 Kansas in Madison Square Garden … No. 3 Villanova just sent all of college basketball a reminder of that Monday with its 79-76 win over No. 15 Purdue in West Lafayette, Indiana. Villanova, not the teams with the shiny freshmen, captured the 2016 championship. And the Wildcats are poised to make it two in a row this season.

Epic supermoon comes with epic tides, potential coastal flooding
The Christian Science Monitor | 11/14/2016

As the moon passed closer to Earth than at any point since 1948 early Monday morning, it put on a spectacular show, appearing bigger and brighter in the night sky than usual … "This all depends on location," Stephen Strader, geography and environmental science professor at Villanova University near Philadelphia, tells the Monitor in an email.

How the ancient world dealt with cancer
CNN Online | 11/14/2016

Cancer is widespread today, but it doesn't appear to have been in the ancient world. Why not? … Rosalie David, professor at the University of Manchester in the United Kingdom, and Michael Zimmerman, professor at Villanova University in Pennsylvania, explored the evidence of cancer in the fossil record of early humans, in ancient Egypt and in ancient Greece.

As attention turns to traditional powers, Villanova reminds that the champs are still here
The Washington Post | 11/11/2016

Among Josh Hart’s sartorial choices for Big East men’s basketball media day last month included a pink bow tie and loafers without socks … “We’re a totally different team,” said Jenkins, a Gonzaga graduate named The Washington Post All-Met Player of the Year in 2012-13. “We have new guys in new roles. It’s a new challenge for us this upcoming year, so thinking about last year, it’s something that I’ll do when my Villanova career is over.”

Unveiled CIA report reveals internal warfare over blame for Bay of Pigs failure
The Miami Herald | 11/09/2016

The long-secret Volume V of the Central Intelligence Agency’s documentation of the failed Bay of Pigs invasion contains no bombshells, no earth-shaking details of the1961 assault on the island by a CIA-trained Cuban exile force … “Essentially, it is a critical history of the [CIA] inspector general’s critical report, which mainly blamed CIA incompetence for the failure of the Bay of Pigs,” said David Barrett, a political science professor at Villanova University in Pennsylvania.

San Diego voters overwhelmingly reject Chargers stadium plan
USA Today | 11/09/2016

The future of professional football in this city has been cast into doubt after San Diego voters overwhelmingly defeated a new downtown stadium plan for the San Diego Chargers in Tuesday’s election … “If it’s under 50%, it’s probably a sign to look elsewhere,” said Andrew Brandt, a former executive with the Green Bay Packers and current director of the Moorad Center for the Study of Sports Law at Villanova.

Airbnb's 'Don't Punish Us' for Scofflaws Fails Court Test
Bloomberg News | 11/08/2016

Airbnb Inc.’s claim that it’s just a conduit for user-generated content was rejected by a judge who said the company may not be able to duck a San Francisco law punishing it when hosts book units that aren’t registered with the city … Michael Risch, a professor at Villanova University School of Law in Pennsylvania, said it’s not certain that other cities will follow San Francisco’s lead in adopting home-sharing regulations because the judge’s “logic is difficult to follow” in Tuesday’s ruling.

Honesty, RIP: Facts take a beating across US
Associated Press | 11/07/2016 (AP article was picked up by numerous outlets nationally, including by The New York Times, Washington Post and ABC

Is this when it ends for that ancient ideal, the truth? Is this where it has come to die, victim of campaigns and conspiracies, politicians and internet trolls and the masses who swallow their rhetoric? Rest in peace, honesty? "The value of facts in a democracy has taken a beating," said David Barrett, a political science professor at Villanova University.

Pope taps new cardinal for Newark as he remakes US church
Associated Press | 11/07/2016 (AP article was picked up by numerous outlets nationally, including by The Wall Street Journal, ABC, and the Daily Mail (UK).)

Pressing his campaign to remake the U.S. Catholic church, Pope Francis on Monday tapped one of his new cardinals, Joseph Tobin, to replace the Newark, New Jersey archbishop who has been criticized for allegedly mishandling sex-abuse cases and spending lavishly on his retirement home … Massimo Faggioli, professor of theology and religious studies at Villanova University, said Tobin's nomination confirms a pattern Francis has set by moving bishops he knows well into important posts in the U.S. church.

From Cameroon to Villanova, an entrepreneur's journey to develop a healthful tea
Philadelphia Inquirer | 11/06/2016

As a resident of Cameroon, in West Africa, Vanessa Zommi Kungne already was a rarity among Villanova University's student body when she arrived last spring. The resume she brought distinguished her even more.

How to Handle a Breakup--If You're Kevin Durant or Russell Westbrook
The Wall Street Journal Online | 11/02/2016

Kevin Durant’s decision this summer to leave the Oklahoma City Thunder for the Golden State Warriors was a staggering move that may have reshaped the landscape of the NBA for many years to come … That is a concept called “self-concept clarity,” said Villanova University psychologist Erica Slotter, and it affects even the person who initiates the breakup.