Villanova in the Media

Media Highlights from March 2017

Dr. Sally Scholz
Philosophy chairperson Dr. Sally Scholz, who is leading a national committee in developing a tool kit to promote the discipline, was highlighted by the Chronicle of Higher Education for her efforts.

Villanova’s distinctive academic programs, world-class faculty, cutting-edge research and super-star students place the University in the national media spotlight. Below is a sampling of media highlights from March 2017:

How to Help Your Department Avoid the Ax
Chronicle of Higher Education | 03/31/2017

The midterm study breaks are aimed at building a sense of camaraderie and making majoring in a difficult subject seem more fun. They are just one thing on Sally J. Scholz’s long list of ways to bolster the philosophy major at Villanova and protect the department’s future…Ms. Scholz leads a committee of the philosophical association that is developing a "tool kit" this spring to promote the discipline.

Trump Administration Seeks Halt to Clean Power Plan Review
Bloomberg News | 03/29/2017

President Donald Trump took yet another step toward dismantling his predecessor’s climate-change legacy, asking a federal appeals court to halt its review of carbon-emission rules for power plants … Asking the court to halt its review is the easy part; getting it to agree on next steps could be more difficult. Since the rule was finalized, the new administration must go through the rule-making process again to undo it, said Villanova University law professor Todd Aagaard.

How to Log Off Forever, With All Its Perks and Pitfalls
The New York Times | 03/24/2017

Part of the allure of social media is telling friends and strangers what’s happening in your life. Post. Tweet. Share. Repeat. But suppose you are worried that you have revealed too much and want to protect your privacy … “Whenever you’re deleting a social media profile, it’s important to check whether the process actually deletes your profile or simply deactivates it,” Henry Carter, a professor of computing sciences at Villanova University, said.

From caricature to man of character: How time and art change image of Bush
The Christian Science Monitor | 03/24/2017

Last July, when former President George W. Bush began to smile and sway to “The Battle Hymn of the Republic,” holding hands with both his wife and former first lady Michelle Obama during the closing moments of a memorial service for five Dallas police officers, many of his long-time detractors could only look and mock … “Most presidents, after leaving office, are rated higher than when they were in office,” notes Jack Johannes, political science professor at Villanova University, outside Philadelphia.

School Suspensions Have Plunged: We Don't Yet Know If That's Good News
NPR/National Public Radio | 03/23/2017

We are in the midst of a quiet revolution in school discipline. In the past five years, 27 states have revised their laws with the intention of reducing suspensions and expulsions … The philosophy behind it could be summed up as: "The kids who are misbehaving are also members of the school community," says Kelly Welch, a criminologist who studies the topic at Villanova University.

Supreme Court gets rid of delay defense in patent cases
Reuters | 03/22/2017 (Article picked up by national outlets including The New York Times, U.S. News & World Report, and Forbes)

A U.S. Supreme Court ruling on Tuesday in a lawsuit over adult diapers will make it more difficult for companies accused of patent infringement to shoot down lawsuits because the plaintiffs waited too long to bring them … Michael Risch, a law professor at Villanova University School of Law, said the ruling was not unexpected, based on a similar 2014 decision banning the defense in copyright cases.

How a relationship changes your personality: AI pinpoints how partners pick up each other’s habits to feel a 'sense of unity'
The Daily Mail (UK) | 03/21/2017

If you find yourself picking up phrases from your partner, and have even noticed your personality changing, there's good news - you're probably very committed to your relationship … 'It's not just what you say, it's how you're saying it,' Dr. Erica Slotter, an assistant professor at Villanova University's Department of Psychology, told Vice.

New twist for deportation opponents: sanctuary in the streets
The Christian Science Monitor | 03/20/2017

When the early morning distress call came, it took about 20 minutes for Peter Pedemonti and a group of some 70 members of a consortium of Philadelphia faith communities to gather downtown at the US Immigration and Customs Enforcement office to protest and pray … “The sanctuary church movement definitely seems to be enjoying a revival,” says Brett Grainger, a professor of theology and religious studies at Villanova University.

Villanova Players Want Back-to-Back Titles. They Also Want Their Phones Back
The Wall Street Journal | 03/15/2017

The night before every game in the NCAA tournament, the players on Villanova’s basketball team will hear knocks on the doors of their hotel rooms. They’re being robbed. But the thief is one of their coaches—and he wants their technology. He confiscates all their electronics and removes the Wildcats from the modern world: no laptops, no tablets and, worst of all, no cell phones.

The 30 colleges where students go on to earn the most money
CNBC Online | 03/15/2017

When it comes to choosing a college, there are a lot of factors to consider: Location, class size, academic majors. But you may want to consider earning potential as well. After all, a college education is now the second-biggest expense you are likely to make in your lifetime … Villanova University. Average annual cost: $35,565. Median annual earnings 10 years after enrolling: $73,900.

College Basketball Championship Bonus: More Applications
U.S. News & World Report | 03/15/2017

When Villanova University's men's basketball team won the NCAA championship title last year, school officials couldn't imagine the boon that would come in part from bringing home the shiny new trophy now on display at The Pavilion.

Josh Hart shows classy sportsmanship as he comforts opponents after Villanova win
USA Today | 03/11/2017

Villanova beat Seton Hall 55-53 in the Big East tournament semifinals on Friday, and Josh Hart was the hero of the game. He scored the game-winner because Seton Hall’s Angel Delgado missed a close-range shot in the final second that would’ve tied it.

2017 Law Students of the Year
National Jurist | 03/09/2017

They are not even lawyers yet, but that one little caveat doesn’t seem to deter those we honor as Law School Students of the Year for the 2016-17 academic year. Each of them gives back … Luis Canales, Villanova University Charles Widger School of Law.

Pope Francis' reforms spark revolt of the hard-right
Financial Times | 03/08/2017

On the morning of February 4, Romans woke up to a disturbing sight. About 200 posters had been plastered across the Italian capital depicting Pope Francis with a frowning, forbidding face … While the opposition has become more extreme, Massimo Faggioli, a professor of theology at Villanova University, says it is not necessarily any stronger. “It started on marriage and the family, and now it has cornered itself in this dark place with xenophobes and anti-Muslims,” Mr. Faggioli says. “This will never have a great following among Catholics. If they are betting their money on this, it’s a bad bet.”

Villanova's Josh Hart Participates in Fox Sports University
FOX Sports | 03/07/2017

The Wildcat senior is not taking his future for granted. This fall, he joined more than 5,000 students across the country as a participant in Fox Sports University. A champion on the court and in the classroom, (Villanova’s) standout senior guard and national champion Josh hart is taking his winning mindset and applying it to another side of sports.

Bannon's economic nationalism could lead to global banking chaos
CNBC | 03/07/2017

Following the Trump Administration's order for a regulatory review on U.S. banking rules, some prominent Republicans in Congress have joined with the new administration in discussing the possibility for the United States to exit or revisit its role in global banking agreements … By John Sedunov, assistant professor of finance at the Villanova School of Business.

Russia Goes From 'Hero To Zero'
Forbes | 03/06/2017

For global investors, Russia has gone from hero to zero in two months. What's going on? … “Russia is not nearly the global menace that many fear, nor is it doomed to collapse,” says Villanova University professor Mark Lawrence Schrad, author of the book “Vodka Politics.”

Villanova is racking up wins on and off the court
The Philadelphia Inquirer | 03/06/2017

Score another victory for Villanova, which is enjoying quite a 175th anniversary year. The Main Line university’s 2016 national championship basketball team is having another stellar season. The Wildcats are ranked No. 2 in the country. Applications for fall 2017 increased 22 percent on the heels of the basketball victory, the largest percentage jump in at least 30 years. With more than a year to go, the university has exceeded its $600 million campaign fund-raising goal with 27 percent of alumni participating, up from 17 percent in 2009.

Oh Snap! Silicon Valley school makes $24M off of investment
Associated Press | 03/04/2017

Bake sales and car washes? Not for one Silicon Valley parochial high school that hit it big this week and, by doing so, highlighted anew gaping economic disparities in the region … Few, if any other schools, have that sort of advantage, said Stephen Andriole, a professor of business, accountancy and information systems at the Villanova School of Business in Pennsylvania.

Villanova Head Coach Jay Wright: Charlie Rose
Bloomberg News | 03/01/2017

On "Charlie Rose," a conversation with Jay Wright. He is the head coach at Villanova, who is seeking to repeat as National Champions. He captures last year's journey to the title and much more in a new book, called "Attitude: Develop a Winning Mindset on and off the Court."