LEVEL: Level the Playing Field

LEVEL is a student group formed to bridge the gap between students with various abilities and disabilities. Targeting academics, social interaction, mindsets, and physical barriers, LEVEL is working to expand the idea of community on- and off-campus. Our goal is to make daily interactions all-inclusive as well as raise able-ism awareness at Villanova and beyond.




To LEVEL the playing field for all regardless of physical, mental, or emotional ability.

  • Integration of differently-abled students in the University community and beyond
  • Raising awareness and changing attitudes about able-ism
  • Allowing every person to realize their full potential in and out of a barrier-free world
  • Teaching people how to communicate and interact with those who have a disability
  • Establishment of a student network to provide help and create friendships in and out of the classroom


LEVEL volunteers are encouraged to work with fellow students who are unable to type their homework assignments as a result of their disability. In addition, students volunteer to give copies of their notes to other students in the class who are not able to take notes themselves.

LEVEL has entirely eliminated the need for adult assistance from an academic standpoint. Homework hours and note-taking are open to any student who wishes to help.

If you are interested in volunteering for homework hours or note-taking, email us!


Throughout the year, LEVEL raises awareness by hosting speakers, having movie screenings, and putting together events, most notably our Annual Casino Night. As a group, we engage in service in a leadership role on campus following our motto: Together, we will LEVEL the playing field for all regardless of ability.

The Office of Disability Services has established the Father Bill Atkinson, O.S.A. Humanitarian Award to recognize an individual, group, or organization that exemplifies the spirit and service that Father Bill embodied throughout his life. The annual award, established in 2012 in honor of the late Father Bill Atkinson, is designed to recognize an individual, group, or organization for outstanding service to their community and beyond.  

Students of all abilities have the opportunity to lead, serve, engage, mentor, and—most importantly—grow as individuals in a fully accessible environment and continued to promote LEVEL’s mission to change the way people see ability.

LEVEL holds several fundraisers throughout the year, including our biggest event—Casino Night.

Casino Night is our annual spring semester event that everyone can take part in, allowing students who are differently-abled to enjoy an exciting evening alongside their friends and peers. The evening is a chance to raise awareness through an activity that is entertaining for all, and playing alongside those who are differently-abled creates the opportunity for interaction with all types of individuals.  

For more information or to donate, please email Greg Hannah or LEVEL.

LEVEL organizes social events throughout the year where we can come together as a group and have a fun, relaxing time. These social events range from playing Apples to Apples to decorating cupcakes to our annual Superbowl party. In addition, LEVEL offers a retreat that is accessible to all.  



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