Innovation Opportunities @ CPS

The College of Professional Studies is grateful for partnerships across campus to promote the success of students, broaden engagement of faculty, and develop academic programs.  We are always seeking new ways to engage the campus community in these areas, and this page highlights varied opportunities for the Villanova community to connect with CPS.  



The College welcomes proposals for new courses and programs for adult/ and professional students. Proposed academic programs can be credit- or non-credit bearing.  See our current portfolio for information about our offerings. 



Did you know that Villanova’s College of Professional Studies houses a program for senior citizens to enroll in undergraduate courses?  We welcome faculty and staff to support this program by helping with registration and attending events!



The College is honored to house the VUnited Scholars Program – a two-year residential certificate program targeted to highly motivated young adults with mild to moderate intellectual disabilities. We welcome members of the Villanova community to serve as mentors and friends for the program.   


Webinars & Mini-Courses

CPS routinely offers webinars and mini-courses to our community. We welcome content ideas and thought leadership for these series!

Practical Skills Content

Development Grant

The University’s strategic plan, “Rooted. Restless.” includes an initiative focused on expanding offerings for students to foster practical skills for life, designed to help them succeed holistically, in alignment with our Augustinian Catholic mission. This initiative extends support for students beyond a singular focus on career pathways and is building a library of high-quality content and resources to assist students in navigating life after graduation, both professionally and personally.

The Practical Skills Content Development Grant provides funding for faculty from across the University to develop content to be included in this future library supporting student learning around practical skills. Annual application deadline is March 15th.



The college offers various academic experiences for students who are not traditional undergraduates.  For many of these programs, we are required to ensure faculty have their background clearances on file with the University. Thus, the College is very grateful to faculty who will ensure their clearances are complete. This enables us to offer a more robust array of courses.