Helping CPS students forge their path, by furthering their current career or pivoting to a new field.



Villanova's College of Professional Studies is focused on helping our students, not just during their time in our programs, but long after they've graduated and furthered their career. In partnership with the Villanova University Career Center, we recognize and support the unique career needs of our students as they pursue new academic and career goals.

Career resources and services for College of Professional Studies students are available through the Career Center with the Career Management team. Our resources are crafted and selected for you as experienced students and professionals. Whether you need to take a deep dive into a career development topic, or you are short on time, we have resources at the ready for you.


Your education and your career go hand-in-hand, with each fueling the other throughout your life.

Our connection to your career isn't just limited to your pursuit of a degree either. CPS has dozens of professional education programs to get you the skills, knowledge, certifications, and networking opportunities that can aid you on the quest for your professional aspirations.

No matter your industry, role, or experience level, we have the courses or events suited for your needs.

Now is the perfect time to explore our Leadership Symposium, Women's Leadership Development Certificate, or one of the many other programs that can help you achieve a newfound level of success.

Women's Leadership Class


CPS and the Villanova Career Center regularly host webinars that are dedicated to helping our adult students navigate the professional world, from job searching to career changes. Archived video from those webinars can be found at the links below:

Two students

Job Seeking

Are you anticipating a career transition? There are so many resources, search engines and sources of information out there. This presentation delivered by Villanova’s Career Management Coach, will help you navigate your way through the job search and share Villanova’s trusted and vetted resources with you to ensure you are preparing for continued career success through an ever-changing market. Industries thriving under current conditions will be discussed for consideration.

Student studying

Offer and Salary Negotiation

The final phase of a job search can be both exciting and intimidating. Both you and your new employer want to land on an agreement that is mutually beneficial and sustainable. This presentation will cover negotiation considerations for compensation, benefits, sign-on bonuses and more. In this recorded webinar presented by Villanova’s Career Management Coach, we take a deep dive into all the elements of a job offer that you can consider for a negotiation with your new employer.

Todd Robinson

Professionally Focused Series

Villanova's Professionally Focused Webinar Series empowers you to learn new skills and tactics to make you even more valuable to your employer. 

This archived series of webinars covers a wide variety of topics and is led by faculty or staff with applicable expertise and plenty of real world examples for each of the topics covered.

Alice Ford

Job Interviews

So, you’ve landed the interview? Great news! Now, learn how to land the position by brushing up on your interview skills. This presentation will cover the stages of the interview which start long before the phone screen. Learn how to properly research the employer, prepare to communicate your examples and evaluate transferrable skills and resources Villanova offers you for practicing these skills. Lastly, learn about critical follow-up steps that were once deemed optional.

Employee at desk

Using LinkedIn

Did you know 90 percent of recruiters regularly use LinkedIn? Is your profile standing out to them? In a recorded webinar delivered by Villanova’s Career Management Coach, you will discover best practices for building or revising a standout profile. Designed for experienced students and professionals like you, tips were shared on how to make connections, engage in groups, be found by relevant employers, and network your way to continued success on LinkedIn.


jr-CPS Confr_0171

The Nova Network is Villanova’s social and professional network and home to nearly 20,000 alumni, students, faculty and staff. CPS students may search the community by company, city, or industry of interest and directly connect for a networking meeting.

Nova Network houses on-demand workshops and checklists on best practices on resume writing, LinkedIn, interviewing, offer negotiation and more. These are tailored to the experienced professional. CPS students may also choose from 60+ groups in industry, region or experiential communities to connect with Villanovans and stay current.


"What can I do with this major?"


Every student is concerned about how their chosen major can impact their career path. At CPS, we want to make sure your choices in the classroom put you on the right path to finding the perfect role in your desired industry. Our team, along with the experts at Villanova's Career Center, built a helpful infographic to help you connect your education and your professional aspirations.


Marketing yourself is key in a competitive job market. One way to stand apart from others is by earning a digital badge to display on your resume, as well as social media accounts like LinkedIn.

Upon completion of many of our professional education programs and credit-bearing certificates, you'll be awarded a digital badge to display on your social media accounts and showcase to both your peers and potential employers.

Digital badge reading "Villanova University - Your Program of Choice"

Robert Brickhouse

After leaving Villanova as a teenager in 1992, Robert was determined to return. In 2022, he left Villanova with his degree.

Madison DeWispelaere

Early in her career, Madison was ready for a new challenge. Her time at CPS prepared her for a leadership role.

Shelby Meyers

Inspired by passion for healthcare advocacy, Shelby used what she learned at CPS to change careers and make an impact.

Our Students

Their pursuit is inspiration. Because here at Villanova, we know that where you've been is just the beginning.