Villanova's College of Professional Studies offers a robust suite of Professional Education programs and courses. Students who pursue professional education are driven to expand their professional expertise and networks and are empowered to do so with these offerings.

The wide breadth of professional certificate programs and individual courses provide students with immediately applicable skills and knowledge in areas highly demanded across a variety of industries.

Students taking these courses are taught by industry experts who are currently working or have worked extensively in their respective fields. As faculty practitioners, they provide a wealth of knowledge and share valuable experiences in the classroom. 

Villanova's programs are respected by organizations throughout the Philadelphia region and across the nation and align with national organizations and/or certifying bodies like The Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) and the Pennsylvania Certification Board. Courses are non-credit, offered both on-campus, online and as hybrids, and are scheduled with the needs of working adult students in mind.

Meet our Staff


Sasha Haddoun joined the College of Professional Studies in 2019 as Associate Director of Professional Education. She manages the professional education program coordinators and oversees the non-credit programs and courses offered on-campus and online. Sasha’s previous experience was at The University of Oklahoma, at OU’s Advanced Programs campus in Washington, DC. Sasha has worked with and supported non-traditional, adult, military and veteran students in achieving academic success. She is passionate about education for all through equitable access to appropriate learning and continued education opportunities. Sasha earned her BA in Communication from The University of Maryland, College Park, a MA in Communication and a Graduate Certificate in Diversity and Development from The University of Oklahoma.


Liz Remelius, MPA, joined the College of Professional Studies in 2017. As the Assistant Director for Professional Education, Liz provides support for three Professional Education Programs: Paralegal, Drug & Alcohol Counselor, and VIISTA. Liz understands the unique work-life-school balance that Professional Education students strive to maintain and is dedicated to supporting them throughout their time at Villanova. A native of southeastern Pennsylvania, she earned her bachelor’s degree from West Chester University, master’s degree from Lancaster Theological Seminary, and a Master of Public Administration from Villanova University.


Shannon Fischer joined the College of Professional Studies in 2022. As a Program Coordinator, Shannon provides support for the College's Professional Education Programs.

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