Undergraduate Nursing Senate

Villanova Undergraduate Nursing Senate

The Undergraduate Nursing Senate (UNS) is an organization that is organized primarily to:

  • Promote interaction among students, faculty and administration
  • Organize major activities which involve the undergraduate nursing community
  • Provide a communication network among students, faculty and administration in the College of Nursing

The Executive Committee of the UNS consists of 13 voting members comprised of 12 students, all of whom must be in good academic standing, and full-time faculty member; however, all students are members of the UNS. The Executive Committee consists of a President, Vice-President, Secretary/Treasurer, Publicity Chairperson, two representatives from each class and the one faculty member. All student members of the Committee are elected by the undergraduate student body.  

2012-2013 Officers
Krista Maglione and Elizabeth Leddy
Vice-President Sarah Fitzpatrick
Co-Secretary/Treasurers Molly Tariela and Brianna Ells
Co-Publicity Chairs Virginia McGregor and Tori Clay
Co-Blood Drive Chairs Maddi Wechsler and Joseph Dovidio
Co-Social Chairs Makenzie Lannon and Kelly Mahn
Speaker/Events Chair Alyssa Denenberg
Fundraising Chair Brittany Kickel
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