University Heritage

Welcome to Villanova University. We are pleased to offer this information which provides an overview of Villanova's Augustinian intellectual, religious, and historical tradition, and which places the University in the wider context of Catholic higher education in the United States. This website represents work begun in 1994 by the Strategic Planning Committee of the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences.

A task force on "Mission and Heritage" was established by that committee in February 1995 with the charge of examining various aspects of Villanova's Catholic mission and Augustinian heritage. The task force began its assignment by exploring the impact of the University's mission and Augustinian traditions on the life of the College, seeking ways to emphasize the value of a liberal arts education, and researching the issues of academic freedom, respect for the individual, diversity, and inclusiveness in the Catholic, Augustinian context. In 1997, the task force was expanded to include faculty and staff from outside the College, and in 1998, Father Edmund J. Dobbin, Villanova's president, established it as a permanent committee.

The presentations are designed to acquaint the reader with an overview of Villanova's history, its Mission Statement, and the Augustinian intellectual tradition. Short biographies of Saint Augustine of Hippo and Saint Thomas of Villanova, after whom the University is named, provide insights into the influence of those individuals on the University's educational philosophy.

It is our hope that this website will deepen an understanding and appreciation of Villanova's mission and distinctive place in higher education and will serve as an invitation to all who would like to be part of its educational enterprise.


Villanova campus shot

"Set love as the criterion for all that you say, and whatever you teach, teach in such a way that the person to whom you speak, by hearing may believe, by believing, hope and by hoping, love."
St. Augustine
The Instruction of Beginners 8