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The Center for Faith and Learning provides opportunities for students and faculty to explore the vocation of the mind and the depths of the Spirit in the way of Augustine, who searched for knowledge in the context of community. The Center promotes critical inquiry among friends who enter into dialogue dedicated to the integration of faith and learning, the hallmark of Augustinian pedagogy.

The Center for Faith and Learning is rooted in the Catholic/Christian intellectual tradition and is a place where transformative, intellectual life is in dialogue with all faith traditions.


Faith & Learning Scholars Program

Senior Scholars and Faculty Mentors at the Recognition Dinner Dialogue Thursday, April 6, 2017 together with Founding Director Dr. Beth Hassel, PBVM, DMin (front row, far right) read and discussed over dinner “Thinking Vocationally: Wisdom for the Road” by Gordon Smith. 

Graduating seniors of the “Faith and Learning Scholars” program were recognized at the close of the evening, receiving certificates and Honor Cords representing faith and wisdom.

Front row left to right:  Maria Camila Peralta, Kayla Jones, Mackenzie Helmick, Elizabeth Cangialosi, Emily Tenuta, Dr. Bette Mariani, Alison Mabery, Taylor Spurlock, Kelsey Hanson, Andrew Stock, Gabriella Berman, and Dr. Hassel. 

Middle row left to right:  Courtney Morrissette, Maura Dougherty, Caroline Dolan, Sarah Hopkins, Dr. Stefanie Knauss, Dr. Rachel Smith, Alexandra Brodin, Dr. Alan Pichanick, Paul Elhallal.

Back Row left to right:  Dr. James M. Wilson, Patrick Wenger, Nicholas Crowley, Thomas Palazzolo, Dr. Nancy Sharts-Hopko, Dr. Robert Styer, Gregory Branigan, Dr. Christopher Daly, Evan Kurt, Erin Peterson, and Dr. Peter Busch. 

Not pictured are Faculty Mentors: Fr. Francis Caponi, OSA, Dr. Denise Hanes-Downey and Dr. Tamara Kear; and Senior Scholars Megan Appleton, Patrick Connolly, Fizza Javed, Robert Kluge, Kara McPeak and Faith Wells.

Upcoming Events

Faculty Dialogue Luncheons

Exploring Teaching as Vocation

The next dialogue on this topic will be held in the '17-'18 academic year. Please check back for updates.

Witnessing to Our Faith Traditions

The next dialogue on this topic will be held in the '17-'18 academic year. Please check back for updates.

Faith & Learning Scholars Program:

The formation process for the '17-'20 community of faculty Mentors and student Scholars (current first year students who will be sophomores in Fall 2017) is now completed.

Please let us know any questions you may have.

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