Degrees, Majors & Minors

VSB offers a Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) with majors in Accountancy, Economics, Finance, Management, Management Information Systems, and Marketing. VSB also offers an International Business and a Real Estate co-major. Students may choose to double major or to select a minor field of study.

To earn a major, VSB requires students to take six courses beyond the business core coursework in a specific field of study. To earn a minor, students must complete three or four courses beyond the required coursework.

Area of Study Major


Business Analytics    
Business Law and Corporate Governance
International Business  
Management Information Systems
Real Estate

Declaring a Major

VSB students are required to select a major during their sophomore year. To assist students in this process, the Clay Center at VSB offers advising and programs throughout the year, including the VSB Majors Forum, the VSB Majors Fair, the Academic Resource Fair, and Major Mondays, which provide students with opportunities to gather information from faculty members and upperclass students. Additionally, students are encouraged to contact individual faculty members or department chairs to discuss the relationship between academic programs and personal and professional goals.

Double Majors

After initially declaring a major during sophomore year, VSB students may add a second major or change a major or minor by completing an online Change of Major/Minor form. The additional courses required for the second major must be fulfilled before a degree is granted.