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Business Analytics  
Business Law and Corporate Governance
International Business  
Management Information Systems
Real Estate

Students may choose to double major or to select a minor field of study.

To earn a major, VSB requires students to take six courses beyond the business core coursework in a specific field of study. To earn a minor, students must complete three or four courses beyond the required coursework.

Declaring a Major

VSB students are required to select a major during their sophomore year. To assist students in this process, the Clay Center at VSB offers advising and programs, which provide students with opportunities to gather information from faculty members and upperclass students. Additionally, students are encouraged to contact individual faculty members or department chairs to discuss the relationship between academic programs and personal and professional goals.

Applied Quantitative Finance (AQF) Concentration

This unique concentration will focus on the quantitative side of financial markets, targeting the practical application of quantitative techniques, in addition to utilizing financial theory. This in-depth set of courses is aimed to attract top students, and provides a valuable opportunity to partner with the Villanova College of Liberal Arts & Sciences to create an interdisciplinary curriculum, utilizing previously-offered courses supplemented with new quantitative finance-specific seminars and case studies.

Admission Process

In order to be admitted to the Quantitative Finance Concentration, freshmen and sophomores must submit a statement of interest, as well as a copy of their resumé and transcript to Steve Padovano at This highly-selective program is designed to be completed in four years and is limited to approximately 20 to 30 students per graduating class.

For rising sophomores, applications should be submitted in the summer following freshmen year, but before July 15.

For the Class of 2021, applications are due immediately.

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