Paws Up

As the University’s official mascot, Will D. Cat may lead the pack in showing school spirit, but he is far from the only four-legged Villanova fan. When the call went out for Nova Nation to share photos of their pets, our inbox was filled with adorable creatures wearing blue and white. Here are just a few of Villanova’s most loyal furry friends.

a gold dog wearing a Villanova champions cap
small dog wearing a Villanova bandana
gold-colored dog with tongue hanging out walking in front of St. Thomas of Villanova Church
small dog wearing a Villanova "V" shirt and sitting with a mini basketball
large dog sitting on a carpeted floor in front of a fireplace with a Villanova ball
dog sitting on the stone Oreo sculpture
brown bunny wearing a white Villanova t-shirt sitting on a blue Villanova blanket
small fluffy dog wearing a blue bandana with white stripes
a French bulldog wearing a blue Villanova bandanna sits next to an empty Villanova mug
side profile of a black dog wearing a Villanova bandanana and looking out a curtained window
orange tabby cat wearing a blue bandana sitting outside on a ledge
goldendoodle wearing a Villanova baseball cap laying on a gym mat
black and white cat wearing around its neck a Villanova Wildcat ID tag
close-up of a gold dog's head with a Villanova Wildcat bandana around its neck
yawning grey cat laying on a white pillowcase adorned with a blue V
gold-colored dog with tongue hanging out walking in front of St. Thomas of Villanova Church
a chocolate curly haired dog sits next to a squeaky toy with a blue V on its chest
black and white dog wearing a Villanova bandanna while posing in front of a blue curtain
a little white dog wearing Villanova apparel has its face held by a young woman wearing a mask
a small dog with big ears and its tongue showing stands in the grass
side view of a dog's head with St. Thomas of Villanova Church in the background
gray fluffy cat wears a Villanova pet tag with the name Rollie engraved on it
a little white dog wearing a blue Villanova bandanna stands in the grass
a gray dog wearing a Villanova Wildcats baseball cap rests its head on a white blanket
a collie wearing a Villanova bandanna lays on a fuzzy Villanova Wildcats blanket
a brown dog is walked on a leash wearing its Villanova jersey
a brown dog wearing a pink knit Villanova hat lays on a couch with floral print
a golden retriever wearing a Villanova t-shirt sits beside a "Love You to Villanova and Back" sign
two golden furred dogs sitting in front of the Awakening sculpture on Villanova's campus
a tan beagle wearing a Villanova bowtie sits on a leather chair
a black dog sleeps surrounded by Villanova merchandise
a fluffly white dog wearing a Villanova bandanna held by a young woman
Gold dog wearing grey Villanova t-shirt sitting on carpet
a small fluffy dog in bed with its head resting on a Villanova pillowcase
gray tabby wearing a Villanova Cat bandanna while curled up in its pet bed
a dog wearing a Villanova jersey sits on a carpeted floor
two black and white dogs wearing Villanova bandanas lay beside each other on a wooden floor
a happy little dog wearing a blue bandanna sits in the grass of a fenced yard
cute little dog dressed in a tie-dye t-shirt sitting on a white sheet in front of a tropical landscape
two dogs sit side by side wearing blue and white Villanova bandanas
close-up of a border collie wearing a blue Villanova bandanna
a big fluffy dog sits on a carpeted floor underneath a framed picture of Jay Wright
the back of a fluffy dog's head laying in front of a TV with Villanova Basketball on the screen
face of a shaggy dog wearing a blue Villanova cap and a red and black checkered bandanna
a tiny dachshund with giant brown eyes sits next to a blue Villanova cap
a chihuahua dressed in a hooded snuggie laying on a fluffy Villanova blanket with its head looking up
two dogs that are similar in appearance both wearing Villanova jerseys
a brown dog has its paw on top of a baggo board
a young man holds a yorkie while kneeling next to a Villanova garden flag
black lab wearing a blue Villanova baseball cap
a smiling golden retriever on a walk outside wearing its blue Villanova bandana
black dog on a leash sits on a ground full of fallen cherry blossom petals
close-up of a shitzu wearing a white Villanova dog bandanna
Two fluffy dogs wearing Villanova jerseys leaning against TV to watch game
a white fluffy dog wearing a Villanova jersey lies on a bed
two giant white dogs wearing Villanova t-shirts lay on a couch
a man wearing a Villanova cap holds a goldendoodle wearing a Villanova dog jersey
Small white dog wearing a multicolor baseball cap and Villanova bandanna
a border collie stands on a deck next to a Villanova flag
a fluffy dog wearing a Villanova collar
a small dog standing at the top of a wooden flight of stairs and wearing a blue Villanova fleece
a golden dog standing in front of a brick wall adorned with a blue V and the word basketball
a dog with its eyes closed sits atop a concrete bench marked with a blue V
two beagles on a couch with a Villanova pillow between them
White fluffy dog on couch wearing navy Villanova bandanna around neck
beagle wearing a blue Villanova bandanna sitting in front of a fireplace
face of a black dog wearing a blue Villanova bandana with the nametag Miley
Small brown chihuahua with ears raised in sunlight
a small brown and white dog stands atop a concrete bench outside of Finneran Pavilion
a golden dog wearing Villanova apparel sits in front of a fireplace

Photos provided by: Christine Acchione, Valorie Ammann, Danielle Bissonette, Suzanne Blair, Maggie Victoria Bock, Brooke Bosse, Lisa Carey, Ariana Castelluccio, Jamie Clark, Zenaida De La Cruz, Kristin Curley, Julia Dessi, Rose DiSalvo, Kristina Ensslen, Reyna Estrada, Lucille Ettore, Laura and Ryan Fannon, JanMarie Gallagher, Ali Gray, Carla Grimm, Steph Hayes, Emily Heery, Kimberly Henzel, Loghan Hirkey, Cydney Joseph, Viktoria Kall, Stephen Kettinger, Liesl Krause Klein, Lauren Kreter, Michael Lafferty, Elizabeth Leake, Josie Lehr, Michelle Lescavage, Sharon Loscig, Angela Magahis, Kelly McCullough, Kristen McGovern, Rina McLaughlin, Joseph McMahon, Javier Mendez, Julia Micklo, Megan Milligan, Olivia Montanez, Peggy Monti, Emily Ocwieja, Alyssa Paster, Maranda Phillips, Marisa Reinhart, Frank Roberts, Camille Roig, Michael Saldutti, Samantha Sandler, Mary Scanlon, Beth Seremula, Christy Stauffer, Alexander Swartz, Nicole Sypherd, Jennifer Szychter, Samantha Tropeano, Janet Venetsanos, Sophia Vilim, Johnna Williams, Amy Young, Karen Zappetti, Justine Digeronimo Zbinden.


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