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Years of

Converse and Villanova Nike sneaker side by side.

PHOTO: Courtesy of Converse; John Shetron


Opening Game Venue:

Alumni Gym

First Opponent:

Catholic University

Final Score:

43-40 (Villanova wins)


Opening Game Venue:

Finneran Pavilion

First Opponent:


Final Score:

97-54 (Villanova wins)

In the century since the very first Villanova Men’s Basketball team hit the court in December 1920, a lot has changed. In that time, we’ve retired functional sport shoes that lacked a wow factor for stylish sneakers that make a big statement.

Uniforms once made of heavy wool are now manufactured with more breathable fabrics. The ball’s shape and design have evolved from a lace-up, leather-covered canvas sphere without much bounce to the V-embellished basketball the ‘Cats shoot, pass and dribble at Finneran Pavilion.

There have been incredible victories—three national championships, five Big East Tournament titles, 39 NCAA Tournament appearances. Through it all, a proud, rich tradition has grown that unites and bonds Villanovans into Nova Nation.

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