Lisa Chase ’93 VSB uses her marketing skills in the world of healthcare as the Senior Director of Marketing and Operations Strategy at Mount Sinai Health System’s Department of Otolaryngology. She sees herself as a “Patient Advocate First,” enabling patients to find the right physician for their needs. 

Chase developed her passion for marketing at VSB, citing her Consumer Behavior class as one that remains relevant to her work today. She notes that an understanding of the factors that guide decision making is integral to creating an effective marketing strategy. Chase applied the skills she developed in the classroom through her membership in the VSB Marketing Society. 

Chase reflects on her Villanova experience as a well-rounded one where she got more than just a business education. Villanova students are encouraged to pursue interests beyond their major. Chase honed her writing skills not only through English classes, but also as a reporter for The Villanovan. As a dancer on the Villanova Dance Ensemble, Chase developed discipline and a strong work ethic. 

She advises current VSB students to take advantage of all of Villanova’s opportunities, especially the ones beyond the classroom. Chase reflects that these extracurricular experiences enriched her education especially when she tried something new and unfamiliar. Chase emphasizes that if you venture into unknown territories, this is where you will find most of your challenges and successes. You can make your mark as the person who forays into the unknown. 

Lisa Chase ’93 VSB

Lisa Chase ’93 VSB

“The principles that Villanova teaches will last you for the rest of your life.”