The impact of VSB far extends those who are enrolled in the business school. For Madison Martini, a 2019 graduate of Villanova’s College of Liberal Arts and Sciences, working within the business school had an immense impact on her personal and professional career. 

“Working for VSB was one of the best things I did as an undergraduate,” explains Martini. Martini started working for VSB’s Marketing and Communications office during the second semester of her freshman year, and continued all the way to her senior year. Martini majored in Communication during her time at Villanova. She emphasizes that the mentorship and experience that she gained from VSB and working with communication professionals was incredibly valuable to how she thought of her own skills. 

During her time at Villanova, and through the aid of VSB’s Marketing and Communications Office, Martini was able to secure an internship in PR & Social Media. This position was often reserved for graduates, and Martini was a sophomore. She further developed her marketing and event planning skills at a United Nations Agency for a communication internship in Italy, and completed a marketing internship in Philadelphia where she worked on projects with greater responsibility as a result of the skills she had built. Now, Martini works at Gartner Digital Markets as an SEO and marketing associate. “I use my skills from the Marketing and Communications office almost every day. I use my skills that I developed working with our media mentions as I myself pitch content to industry journalists, trade publications and influencers in hopes of getting media placements,” explains Martini. “I also discovered a love of event planning while working for VSB and worked as an event planner part-time!”

Martini explains that she will always be thankful for the experience that VSB gave her. “Far from just the concrete, tangible skills, I am perhaps most thankful for the mindsets of mentorship, inclusiveness, and innovation.”

Madison Martini, CLAS ’19

Madison Martini ’19 CLAS

“As a communication major, being able to be mentored by, learn from, and work with communication professionals on a daily basis not only equipped me with valuable (and marketable) skills, but also regularly inspired me to think of marketing and my skills in a new way..”