Jeanette Ding ’16 VSB, a graduate with a double major in Management Information Systems and Finance and a minor in Business Analytics, currently works as a Technology Consultant with Deloitte Consulting in Philadelphia.

“One of the main reasons I chose to attend VSB was because of their strong and unique business program.” Jeanette explains that during her freshman year, she had the opportunity to study abroad in VSB’s Global Citizens Program in Singapore, participating in an international internship for KPMG in their audit practice. “Having internship experience from such a prestigious professional services firm on my resume—as a freshman!—set me apart from other candidates as I was looking for my next internship,” states Ding.

She especially feels the impact that the faculty has had on her experience. Taking classes in Management Information Systems (MIS), the connections she made through the professors, and skills she learned from them have directly translated over to her career and her professional life. Creating code that was efficient and functional, developing problem solving and critical thinking skills and learning structured query language (SQL) through the aid of the professors are just a few of the ways these classes impacted her. She also notes the personal skills that aren’t necessarily taught, but learned while being a student in VSB. “VSB pushed me out of my shell to learn, network, and engage,” she says. “VSB is a very special place–I learned a lot there–about business and about myself.”

From the lifelong relationships that Jeanette has cultivated through her time at VSB, she emphasizes how as an alumnus, she loves to pay it forward, maintaining contact with the university and actively recruiting for Deloitte for students from Villanova “I didn’t get to Deloitte on my own. I got there with the help and support of the university and the faculty. I would also like to help current students to get where I am.”


Jeanette Ding ’16 VSB

Jeanette Ding ’16 VSB

“Connection. Belonging. Growth. VSB connected me to numerous learning and networking opportunities, helping me build meaningful relationships that fostered a sense of community and belonging, and enabling my personal and professional growth. Thank you, VSB!”