A unique VSB experience planted a career idea in the mind of Jack Chong ’14 VSB. A day shadowing a Villanova graduate blossomed into a future career.  

As a sophomore, Chong applied to “Take A Cat to Work Day,” a program where students can spend a day at work with a Villanova alumnus. When filling out a form about his interests, he casually mentioned that he would love to see a company like Google. At this point in his Villanova career, Chong wasn’t sure what he wanted for his future. 

Chong was matched with a Villanova graduate working at Google’s New York Office. During his day exploring what it would be like to work at Google, his alumni mentor set up meetings with her colleagues so Chong could learn about different roles in the company. He met someone who worked in Product Management, and a seed was planted. 

Chong was fascinated at the idea of a job that combined business and tech with vision and strategy. After working in accounting, he applied to PayPal to be a product manager. Even though he took a non-traditional path to get there, he has met his goal to be a product manager. 

He credits VSB with providing him a comprehensive education that gave him the skills to solve problems, providing him with the tools he needed to achieve his vision. 

Jack Chong ’14 VSB

Jack Chong ’14 VSB

“Be stubborn on a vision and flexible in the details.”