Summer 2016

Cheryl Carleton, PhD

Hello from the Villanova WPN!

I hope the summer finds you with opportunities to get outside, enjoy more time with family and friends, and rejuvenate! As you are enjoying the beautiful weather, please take a few minutes to read this edition of our newsletter where we are continuing our 2016 theme: "Empowering Ourselves and Others."

I think you will particularly enjoy reading the sections on "Recognizing Outstanding Villanova Women," which highlights Kathleen Malone and Linda Coleman, and our "We're in the World" column where we travel to Germany.

We have several events already scheduled for the fall that are listed below, with more still to come. A more complete schedule will be posted on the VWPN website in the coming weeks.

Please email me with comments or suggestions for upcoming newsletters.

I would love to hear from you.

Enjoy your summer and I hope to see many of you at some of our events this fall.

Upcoming Events

Closing the Wage Gap and Beyond - September 21, 2016

Come join us to hear Elise Gould, PhD, senior economist at The Economic Policy Institute talk about her work on "Closing the Pay Gap" and the recent Womens Economic Agenda: "Creating an Economy That Works for Everyone." Her presentation will be accessible to all, not just economists. There will be an opportunity for Q&A as well as refreshments following her talk. Register

Work Smart Workshops -
September 27, 2016 or October 23, 2016

Two workshop dates will be offered to graduate students, faculty, staff and alumnae to help them enhance their earnings for the rest of their working lives. Participants should attend only one workshop. Read More

Fall Speaker Series - November 3, 2016

Jennifer Morgan, President of SAP North America will be our fall keynote speaker. Under her stewardship, SAP North America has become an industry leader in the area of diversity and inclusion. Register

Undergraduate Women in Business Society -
October 20, 2016

Undergraduate Women in Business Society: Thursday, October 20th Featuring: Lia Littlewood and Liz Lentis (2006 Villanova Grads). Lia and Liz started their own company Little List that is a single destination for moms tolearn about new products and services. Lia and Liz have a lot to offer in the entrepreneurial space and work-life balance. Read more

Recognizing Outstanding Villanova Women

Kathleen Foley Malone

The proverb 'Necessity is the mother of invention' exemplifies the journey Kathleen Foley Malone '96 VSB took to her current career position as founder and developer of the Sitterberry App. Read more
Linda Coleman
Linda Coleman '78 VSB, associate director for Multicultural Affairs at Villanova University, has been actively involved in VU's student programs for the past 20 years. Before her current position, she served as the associate director of Affirmative Action for 12 years.Read more

We're in the World

Mary Sue Haydt
Going Global! In our inaugural column in the last newsletter, we profiled an alumna in Africa. Our second stop with this column is Europe! Future columns will introduce Villanova women in Asia, Australia, North America and South America. Join us now as we head 3,957 miles from Villanova to Karlsruhe, Germany! Read more

Recap of Spring 2016 Events
Online Virtual Network Event for Villanova Women
January 22, 2016

The Brazen networking event was a huge success! Over the course of the hour, 98 different networking conversations occurred between Villanova seniors or recent graduates all the way to women who had been with their companies for 20+ years. Read More

Villanova University Women in Tech
January 30, 2016

Women are leading and innovating with technology across Villanova's campus and alumnae base. At this event, we shared experiences, highlighted opportunities for women in technology, and motivated those who hesitate. Read More

Work Smart Salary negotiation workshops
March 20 and March 29

VWPN held two Work Smart Salary Negotiation Workshops this spring at Villanova on Sunday, March 20 and Tuesday, March 29. The workshops were co-sponsored with VU Alumni Association, HRD, and MPA. Villanova staff, students and alumni attended the workshops to gain knowledge of the gender wage gap and receive training on the steps of salary negotiation, applicable to any industry or situation. Read More

TED Salon: "How to Fix a Broken School"
March 8, 2016

Students, faculty, staff, and alumni watch the TED Talk and listened to Linda Cliatt-Wayman discuss her experience as principal in North Philadelphia. Read More

Northern California Women's Professional Networking Reception January 28, 2016 
This reception was organized by a Villanova alumna, Courtney Jones. A guest speaker from McKinsey spoke about McKinsey's 2015 "Women in the Workplace" study, which was followed by a reception and opportunity for networking. Read More

Big East Tournament Networking Lunch in NYC:
Women's Leadership in Sports
March 11, 2016

Villanova alumnae, faculty, students and friends met in NYC for a networking lunch during the Big East Tournament. The program featured remarks and a Q&A from a panel of women executives and leaders from the sports industry Read More

TED Salon: "The US Needs Paid Family Leave
- for the sake of its future"
Thursday, April 14

Students and faculty met at The HUB in Center City to view and discuss the TED Talk by Jessica Shortall, a working mother, author, strategy consultant, and social entrepreneur. A discussion was led by Lauren Miltenberger, PhD from the Public Administration Program, taking a deeper dive into the current workplace situations parents face when it comes to work and children. Read More





Kathleen Foley Malone

Linda Coleman


Mary Sue Haydt


Online Virtual Network Event for Villanova

Villanova University Women in Tech

Work Smart Salary negotiation workshops

TED Salon: "How to Fix a Broken School"

Northern California Women's Professional Networking Reception January 28, 2016

Big East Tournament Networking Lunch in NYC: Women's Leadership in Sports

TED Salon: "The US Needs Paid Family Leave - for the sake of its future"

Summer 2016

Cheryl Carleton (Director)
Economics, VSB

Debra Arvanites
Management and Operations, VSB

Melinda German
Associate Dean,
Undergraduate Studies, VSB

Michele Gianforcaro
Director, Mentoring Program, VSB

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Factulty Member, MSN, RN,

Shelly Howton
Finance, VSB

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Director of Strategy &
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VWPN graduate fellow VSB

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President of Undergraduate
Women in Business VSB