Faculty in Villanova University's College of Professional Studies are as varied as our student population.

Comprised of over 200 scholars and expert industry practitioners, our faculty bring years of real-world experience to the classroom.

Whether online or on campus, our classrooms are designed to be highly interactive, fostering a community of learners who benefit from the varied experiences of their faculty and classmates.





Bethany Adams, MA Organizational Development and Management

Tina Agustiady, BS Six Sigma, Business Process Management

Teena Amador, JD Paralegal

Mark F. Anderson, MS Information Systems, Computer Science

Frank Angelini, PhD Addiction Studies

Roy (Neal) Armstrong, MBA Business Process Management, Analysis, Finance

Steven Babb, MS Six Sigma 

Susan Bacastow, JD Paralegal

Stephen Bartorillo, MBA, QKA Agile

Ronald Bean, MBA Business Process Management

Edward Benzing, MBA Contracting 

Aaron Bibro, MPA Public Administration

Earlene Biggs, EdD Business Process Management, Business Analysis

Brian Boreman, JD Paralegal

Tanisha Bowens-McCatty, JD Immigration Studies

Elena Bozylinski, Ed.D., PMP Project Management

Lynn Brooks, PhD Leadership, Organizational Development & Management

Debra Dee Bradford, MS, SPHR, SHRM-SCP Human Resources

Jeffrey P. Brown, PMP Project Management

Joan Capolupo, MS Addiction Studies

Matthew Carluzzo, JD Paralegal: Program Coordinator

Skylar Cetel, JD Paralegal

Pina Cirillo, JD  Immigration Studies

Denise Citarelli, EdD Leadership

Marquis T. Coates, MPA Public Administration

David Comroe, MS IS Mastering Data Management, Information Systems

Lori Corso, JD Paralegal

Stephanie Cory, MS Fundraising

Minerva Cruz, EdD Leadership

Andy Cui, PhD Learning Design & Technology

Michael Cunningham, MS Information Systems, Business Process Management

Rita D'Angelo, MS, PhD Candidate Six Sigma

Kirstin DeFusco Houtz, MS Student Success Strategies

Michael Deldon, MSA, CPA, CMA Certified Management Accounting

Peter Demkovitz, JD Paralegal

Ankit Desai, MS Learning Design & Technology

Kenneth DeTreux, MPA Public Administration

Roberta Dillon, MS Leadership

Kelly Douglas, MS, ISPMP Business Analysis

Annemarie Dwyer, JD Paralegal

Mark M. Evans, MS Information Systems, Agile, Leadership

Galeet Farrow, MA Addiction Studies

Duane Fisher, BS Six Sigma

Kimberly Flint, MS Contract Management

Rosanne Foley, PhD Six Sigma

Angela Francesco, JD, SHRM-SCP Human Resources

Heather Gelting, MS, SPHR, SHRM-SCP Human Resources

Megan Gerety, MBA Contract Management, Business Analysis

Ralph Gigliotti, PhD Leadership, Leadership Symposium

Matthew Gorman, JD Immigration Studies

Karen Graziano, JD New Manager Bootcamp

Jennifer Grobelski, JD Immigration Studies

Ramon Guerra, JD Immigration Studies

Shannon Hamlin, DCP Paralegal

William Hample, BS Addiction Studies

Christie Harris, MA Contract Management

Md Kamrul Hasan, MS Information Systems Security

Kathryn S. Hastings, EdD VUnited Scholars Program

Edward Hayes, MBA Advanced Process Strategy & Practices

Anthony Henderson, MBA, PMP Business Process, Project Management

Arthur Hudson, MBA Supply Chain 

Holly Jackson, PhD Human Resources

Kevin Jackson, MS, PhD Candidate Business Intelligence

Erin Jewell Gerst, MBA Leadership

Bill Jimenez, EdD Leadership

Talar Kaloustian, EdD English as a Second Language

Robert Todd Kane, MBA Business Process Management

Richard Kelley, JD Immigration Studies

James Klingler, PhD Entrepreneurship

Karam Labban, MS IS Agile, Agile Planning

Roland Lamb, MS Addiction Studies

Jayme Lara, MS IS Information Systems Security

Christopher LaRocca, PMI Project Management

Theodore Legarski, MS Six Sigma

Javier Leon, MBA Business Administration

II Luscri, PhD, MPA Organizational Development & Management, Entrepreneurship

Mark McComb, PhD Six Sigma

Stephen McWilliams VUnited Scholars

Marvin Meissner, MBA Leadership, Six Sigma, Organizational Development & Management

Kathryn Meloni, JD Paralegal: Family Law

Mark Messinger, MS, IS Six Sigma

Lilli Middlebrooks, JD, BS Paralegal

Ann Miller, MSEd Entrepreneurship

Gail Mitchell, BS Nutrition, VUnited Scholars

Michael Moreland, JD, PhD Organizational Development & Management

Maryalice Morro, PhD Women's Leadership

Richard Moyle, MS, CPP Payroll

Kimberly A. Nash, MBA, SHRM-SCP, SPHR-SCP Human Resources

Christine Nass VUnited Scholars

James O'Connell Irish Language

Mary R. O'Connor, MEd VUnited Scholars Program

Alene O'Malley Irish Language

Michael O’Neill, JD Leadership

Kathleen Oswald, PhD Leadership

Michael F. Palladino, PMP Project Management

J. Richard Petersen, Jr., JD Paralegal

Kevin Phoenix, CFM Facilities Management

Stefan Picciocchi, MS, SHRM-SCP, SPHR Human Resources

Gloria Pugliese, MBA Fundraising 

Richard Rinaldi, MBA, PMP Project Management

Carrie Rosenbaum, JD Interdisciplinary Immigration Studies

Regina Ruane, PhD Leadership

Patrick Schaffer, MS Leadership

Roslyn Schaffer, MBA, SHRM-SCP, SPHR Human Resources

Jonathan Schiffman, JD Paralegal

Robert J. Schmitz, Jr., MBA, PMP Finance, Project Management

Mary Molly Shawhan, MEd VUnited Scholars Program

Stephen A. Sheridan, Jr., MPA Organizational Development and Management

Ilyce Shugall, JD Immigration Studies

Mary L. Sims, JD Paralegal

Jeffrey Sipes, MS, IS Six Sigma

Sally Slook, MPA Public Administration

Amy Spare, JD Paralegal: Legal Research

Francois Springuel, MBA, PMP Project Management

Richard Stein, PMP Project Management, Six Sigma

Lisa Sticca-Conrod, Esq. Organizational Development and Management

Gerald Strachan, JD Paralegal

Mary E. Sweeney, MS, SHRM-SCP, SPHR, CCP, GBA Human Resources

Elizabeth Taufa, JD Immigration Studies

Lori Tedjeske, MBA VUnited Scholars Program

Elom Tuani, MS, PMP Project Management 

Lise Twiford, MBA Fundraising 

Christopher W. Urban, MS, IS Computer Science, Leadership

Gregory Veverka, MBA Computer Science, Leadership

Jennifer L. White, JD Immigration Studies

Marjorie Yuschak, MBA, CMA Financial Accounting


Marv Meissner, Professor of Practice


Change management and continuous improvement expert teaching in degree and professional programs.


Tina Agustiady, expert in Six Sigma


Award-winning Six Sigma Master Black Belt who literally "wrote the book" on the subject.


Mike Palladino, project management and agile management leading industry expert


Project management and agile methodology professional who speaks globally.