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Villanova School of Business Brochure

vsb brochure cover

The VSB Brochure provides a comprehensive overview of the education offerings at the Villanova School of Business. Please click here to view.

Villanova School of Business Dean's Report

vsb dean's report cover

The 2012-13 Villanova School of Business Dean's Report is a yearly report that highlights the past year's program developments and achievements.

Latest Issue: Fall 2013

Villanova School of Business Quick Facts

vsb quick facts

VSB Quick Facts is an online publication designed to provide easy access to facts about VSB, including enrollment, history and program information.

Latest Issue: Spring 2013

Villanova Business Magazine

Summer Magazine 2012

VSB Magazine is a print publication designed to keep you informed about news, events, and initiatives at VSB.

Latest Issue: Summer/Fall 2013
Previous Issue: Summer 2012

AIS Newsletter

AIS Newsletter icon

VSB's Accountancy & Information Systems Newsletter is a print publication designed to keep you updated on initiatives underway in the Department of Accountancy & Information Systems.

Latest Issue: Summer 2013
Previous Issue: Fall 2012

CGL Annual Review

CGL Annual Review

The Center for Global Leadership Annual Review is a print publication designed to recap all of the major events and accomplishments on an annual basis.

Latest Issue: 2012/2013

New Faculty Guide

New VSB Faculty Brochure

VSB's New VSB Faculty Brochure is a print publication announcing new faculty and accomplishments from the School of Business.

Latest Issue: 2012/2013

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