Undergraduate Programs

Offering Students Transformational Learning Experiences

The College of Liberal Arts and Sciences remains committed to and passionate about its mission to provide a transformational learning experience for all its students.

A talented, diverse, and caring faculty, who support and contribute to the College’s mission and values, remains at the core of the College’s efforts to mentor and motivate tomorrow’s leaders today. Teacher and student work together, and, as St. Augustine wrote, come to dwell in each other, each learning from the other in the pursuit of knowledge and discovery.

Below please find an alphabetical list of all the academic departments and programs within the College, along with the degree pursuits and other offerings they provide to the College and University as a whole.

Department/Program Major Minor 1 Conc. 2 5-Yr
3 Grad.
Africana Studies        
Applied Statistics         MS
Arab and Islamic Studies BA      
Arabic Studies          
Art History BA        
Asian Studies          
Astrophysics & Planetary Science  BS        
Augustine and Culture Seminar Program            
Augustine in Dialogue with Faith and Culture          
Biochemistry BS        
Biology BS   MA/MS
Chemistry BS     MS
Chinese Studies          
Classical Studies BA     MA
Cognitive and Behavioral Neuroscience BS          
Cognitive Science        
Communication BA   MA
Comprehensive Science Program BS          
Computing Science BS   MS/MTM
Cultural Studies BA          
Economics BA        
Education BA   MA
English BA     MA
Environmental Science BS          
Environmental Studies BA        
Ethics Program        
French and Francophone Studies BA        
Gender and Women's Studies BA        
Geography and the Environment
History BA     MA
Honors Program BAH/BSH        
Human Resource Development       MS
Human Services BA        
Humanities BA        
Institute for Global Interdisciplinary Studies BA        
Independently Designed Major BA        
Information Science          
Irish Studies          
Italian Studies BA        
Japanese Studies          
Latin American Studies BA        
Liberal Studies         MA
Mathematics & Statistics
Military Science          
Naval Science          
Peace and Justice        
Philosophy BA       MA/Ph.D.
Physics BA/BS        
Political Science BA   MA
Portugese Studies            
Psychology BA/BS     MS
Public Administration         MPA
Romance Languages and Literatures           MA
Russian Studies        
Russian Area Studies        
Secondary Education
Sociology BA        
Spanish Studies BA      
Teacher Certification          
Theatre       MA
Theology and Religious Studies BA     MA
Writing & Rhetoric        

An Unceasing Commitment to Undergraduate Education

Mendel Science Center

Since its creation in 1842, the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences distinguishes itself from its peers with an unwavering dedication to undergraduate education. A true emphasis on undergraduate education allows students to study with faculty who are experts in their fields so that they gain a deep understanding of the fundamentals of critical insight, mature judgment, and independent thinking, and a sense of the importance of values and the moral responsibility of caring for others and working for the betterment of society.

The academic majors, minors, and concentrations offered by the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences reflect the College’s mission to provide all of its students with an interdisciplinary and diversified academic program and core curriculum, which offer its students a scale of well-defined universal values that equips them to be wise critics of the society in which they live.