Irish Studies Center

The Minor in Irish Studies is available to students in all degree programs. It allows the student to structure and focus various electives into a unified program of study within the student's overall degree goals. Fifteen credits are required to complete the concentration, of which six are Core requirements.

The Minor also allows the student to see the art, literature, and history of modern Ireland from this perspective of the continuum of culture. Fifteen credits are required to complete the concentration, of which six credits are core requirements.

In addition, each Spring semester the Charles A. Heimbold Chair in Irish Studies hosts an Irish Writer-in-Residence. The chair holder offers two courses of his/her own design.

Many study-abroad programs are available in Ireland on a semester or year-long basis. Students may also enroll in our Summer in Ireland, a six-credit, six-week program that includes four weeks at the National University of Ireland, Galway (NUIG) or our three-week Abbey Theatre Summer Studio.  

During the Summer in Ireland Program, six Irish Studies courses are available in Literature (2), History, Sociology, Archeology and Music and Dance.  All of these may count toward the Minor in Irish Studies.

Required Courses:

The following two core courses, one from each field: 

  • ENG 2450 - Irish Literature to 1880 or
  • ENG 2500 - Irish Revival
  • HIS 2286 - Irish-American Saga or
  • HIS 3216 - Ireland since 1800

Elective Courses:

Any three of the following:

  • AAH 3007 - The Art of Ireland
  • ENG 1975:  Irish Literature and Memoir
  • ENG 1975:  Irish Otherworlds
  • ENG 2450 - Irish Literature to 1880
  • ENG 2460 - Irish Poetry since Yeats
  • ENG 2470 - Modern Irish Drama
  • ENG 2490 - Topics in Irish Studies: 
    • Irish Film
    • Religion and Nation
    • Irish Fiction after 1900
  • ENG 2500 - Irish Revival
  • ENG 3615 - James Joyce
  • ENG 3616 - Irish American Drama & Film
  • ENG 5000 - Memory in Irish Literature
  • HIS 2286 - Irish-American Saga
  • HIS 3214 - Eighteenth Century Ireland
  • HIS 3200 - Medieval Britain and Ireland
  • HIS 3216 - Ireland since 1800
  • HON 3600 - Heimbold Chair of Irish Studies courses
  • IS 1111 - Introductory Irish Language I
  • IS 1112 - Introductory Irish Language II
  • IS 1121 - Intermediate Irish Language
  • PHI 5000 - Irish Thought
  • SAR 3030 -  Irish Music: 1800-Present

Study Abroad

Study options are available at major Irish universities on a semester or year long basis. In addition, students may take part in a six-credit Villanova-in-Ireland summer program at University College Galway.

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