Irish Studies Program

Irish Studies explores the history and culture of the Irish people from the different perspectives of literature, history, art, politics, and folklore, enabling students to understand the richness of Irish culture. It is a culture which traces itself back to the dawn of Western Civilization when the earliest Celts, who were known to the Greeks and challenged by the Romans, established an art that influenced the early Christians. In the ensuing centuries, Irish culture has continued to influence life in Europe and North America while exploring its own directions.

In our time, a renewed awareness of the historic and mythic past led to the Irish literary revival at the beginning of the twentieth century and contributed to those political upheavals in modern Irish life which continue to reverberate. The Irish Studies minor develops a program whereby students can discover the evolution of twenty-first century Ireland.

The program is open to students from all colleges. Interested students may also study in Ireland either in a Semester Abroad program or with the Villanova in Ireland Summer program at NUI Galway. Details are available in the Irish Studies Office.

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Contact Information

Irish Studies Program
Villanova University, SAC Room 455
800 Lancaster Avenue
Villanova, PA 19085

Administrative Assistant
Joyce Harden
SAC Room 277

Advisor: Dr. Joseph Lennon, Associate Professor.
Phone: (610)519-4647

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Spring 2014 Irish Studies Booklet

News & Events

News & Events

Eoin McEvoy the University College, Dublin, will be on campus this year to teach Introductory Irish I & II and Intermediate Irish to Villanova students.

Claire Kilroy will hold the Heimbold Chair of Irish Studies in the Spring of 2015.