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Washington Post
"President Trump is playing politics with the 2020 Census. It could backfire."
Judith Geisberg, PhD, History

Deseret News
"Amy Iverson: How to tell if your teen – or you – are addicted to video games"
Patrick Markey, PhD, Psychological and Brain Sciences

Voice of America News
"AI and Humanity"
Ilia Delio, OSF, PhD, Theology and Religious Studies

The Conversation
"The hidden homelessness among America’s high school students"
Stacey Havlik, PhD, Education and Counseling

The New York Times Upfront
"WANTED: Missing Slaves"
Judith Geisberg, PhD, History

The Trumpet
"Did David and Solomon Actually Exist"
Massimo Faggioli, PhD, Theology and Religious Studies

Philadelphia Inquirer
"Is being masculine good? Your race and politics may dictate the answer. Villanova and Temple professors explain"
Shauna MacDonald, PhD, Communication

Philadelphia Inquirer
"CDC word ban: Public health is jeopardized when individuality is ignored"
Robert Leggiardo, PhD, Biology

CBS 3 Philadelphia
"Villanova Students Experiment With Growing Food On Mars"
Edward Guinan, PhD, Astronomy and Astrophysics

Philadelphia Inquirer
“What 'Star Wars: The Last Jedi' got wrong (and right). An astronomer weighs in”
Scott Engle, PhD (Astrophysics and Planetary Science)

Philadelphia Business Journal
“These young academics are accomplished beyond their years
Alexander Diaz-Lopez, PhD (Mathematics and Statistics)

“Historians Are Calling Out Trump Online Whenever He Misreads the Past
Jason Steinhauer (Albert Lepage Center for History in the Public Interest)

CBS3 Philadelphia
“‘Pay or Die’: Hitman Email Scam Shocking The Most Seasoned Police Investigators
Lillian Cassel, PhD (Computing Sciences)

Smithsonian Magazine
“Two Centuries Ago, Pennsylvania Almost Razed Independence Hall to Make Way for Private Development
Whitney Martinko, PhD (History)


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