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The Conversation
The man responsible for making March Madness the moneymaking bonanza it is today
Rick Eckstein, PhD, Criminology and Sociology

The Trump administration keeps getting its Civil War history wrong
Judith Giesberg, PhD, History

International Business Times
Fake news spreads significantly faster than the truth – but don’t blame Russian bots
Jason Steinhauer, PhD, History

Associated Press
Trump reopens a seemingly settled video-game debate
Patrick Markey, PhD, Psychological and Brain Sciences
(Picked up by more than 90 outlets U.S. News & World Report, Rolling Stone, Washington Post, ABC)

Morning Consult
The Rise of a Broader Youth Justice Movement
Jerusha Conner, PhD, Education and Counseling

Washington Post
Jeff Sessions is wrong. Sanctuary-city advocates aren’t like secessionists. They’re like abolitionists.
Judith Giesberg, PhD, History

Science Update
Sea Urchin Hideaways
Michael Russell, PhD, Biology

The Legal Intelligencer
Pa. High Court Impeachments Seen as Unlikely But These Days ‘You Can’t Rule Anything Out,’ Watchers Say
Matthew Kerbel, PhD, Political Science

Christian Science Monitor
After Parkland, a new generation finds its voice
Jerusha Conner, PhD, Education and Counseling

Outside Magazine
Should Our Morals Determine Our Gear Purchases
Sarah-Vaughan Brakman, PhD, Philosophy

6ABC Philadelphia
Local religious leaders discuss impact of Billy Graham
Brett Grainger, ThD, Theology and Religious Studies

Eureka Alert
Sea urchins erode rock reefs, excavate pits for themselves
Michael Russell, PhD, Biology

USA Today
After Parkland, video games back in critics’ crosshairs
Patrick Markey, PhD, Psychological and Brain Sciences


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