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CBS Philly
“What’s with the weird weather? Environmental expert offers explanation”
Stephen Strader, PhD (Geography & the Environment)

“How does your handshake measure to Trump’s ‘clasp and grab?’”
Susan Mackey-Kallis, PhD (Communication)

The Chronicle of Higher Education
“What reality TV taught Trump, According to the professors who study it”
Derek Arnold, MA (Communication)

International Business Times
“Planet dubbed ‘Earth next door’ may not be suitable for human habitation”
Edward Guinan, PhD (Astronomy and Astrophysics)

International Business Times
“Young Pope” showrunner Paolo Sorrentino explains the series’ opening scene”
Massimo Faggioli, PhD (Theology & Religious Studies)

New York Times
“Unraveling Love Stories”
Gabriel Rockhill, PhD (Philosophy)

The Washington Post
“Steve Bannon vs. Pope Francis?”
Massimo Faggioli, PhD (Theology and Religious Studies)

“Dr. Matthew Kerbel discusses controversy with Kellyanne Conway”
Matthew Kerbel, PhD (Political Science) 

Main Line Today
“February forecast calls for snow but remains below winter records”
Edward Guinan, PhD (Astrophysics & Planetary Science) 

PBS NewsHour
“This gecko rips off its own skin to escape predators”
Aaron Bauer, PhD (Biology)

Associated Press
Diversity in tech: Lots of attention, little progress
Lillian Cassel, PhD (Computing Sciences)

Astronomy Magazine
How astronomers are using artificial brains to study supernova
Andrej Prsa, PhD (Astrophysics and Planetary Science)

“Dr. Billie Murray Discusses Inauguration Day Protests”
Billie Murray, PhD (Communication)

Vatican Radio
“Catholic concerns ahead of President Trump’s inauguration”
Massimo Faggioli, PhD (Theology and Religious Studies)

Sky & Telescope
“Proxima Centauri b Likely a Desert World”
Edward Guinan, PhD (Astronomy and Astrophysics)

Professor Colleen Sheehan Gives Lecture to Supreme Court Historical Society
Colleen Sheehan, PhD (Political Science)

U.S. News and World Report
Latin America’s Right Turn
Lowell Gustafson, Phd (Political Science)

Political Year in Review
Matthew Kerbel, PhD (Political Science)

USA Today
Travelers, beware! Hacking lurks in plugs and ports
Henry Carter, PhD (Computing Sciences)

US News & World Report
Op-Ed: Further Computing Pioneer Grace Hopper’s Efforts
Lillian Cassel, PhD (Computing Sciences)

How Donald Trump Changed the Way College Students Learn About Conspiracy Theories
Derek Arnold, MA (Communication)

The Christian Science Monitor
Copying countdown: Trump-wary scientists’ plan to preserve climate data
Henry Carter, PhD (Computing Sciences)

Salt and Light
Connect5: Massimo Faggioli on Pope Francis and Vatican II
Massimo Faggioli, PhD (Theology and Religious Studies)

Main Line News
“Villanova students’ film shows stories behind the Special Olympics”
Stephen McWilliams (Communication)

Harvard Business Review
“The Men Who Mentor Women”
Katina Sawyer, PhD (Pyschology)

National Catholic Reporter
“What does Hillary Clinton’s loss mean for feminism and its future?”
Sally Scholz, PhD (Philosophy)


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