Bishop Paride Taban


Opus Prize Laureate
Founder of Holy Trinity Peace Village, Kuron, South Sudan

Headshot of Bishop Paride Taban wearing a black shirt and white clergy collar
PHOTO: Holy Trinity Peace Village

Bishop Paride Taban founded Holy Trinity Peace Village in 2005 as an intentional community for people of diverse ethnic backgrounds who have experienced conflict in the war-torn region of South Sudan. Traveling there for a due diligence site visit was not possible because of dangerous conditions in the area, but Villanova’s Opus Prize ambassadors were able to connect with members of the Peace Village via Zoom and learn about their operations, which have served thousands of Sudanese and focus on agriculture training, education, health services, food security, and, most importantly, conflict resolution and peacebuilding.

Sadly, Bishop Taban was in failing health and unable to participate in this virtual meeting, and he passed away just days before the prize was awarded. But his legacy of self-sacrifice and commitment to service was made evident. “What the Peace Village showed me is that no matter what amount of violence or conflict, there has to remain this glimmer of hope, there has to remain this drive to continue to make the world a better place and to continue to invoke peace—not hate,” says student ambassador Theresa Gardner ’24 MA. A graduate student in Theology, Gardner is now considering volunteering as a missionary in Africa so that she can continue to spread Bishop Taban’s empowering message of peace.


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