black and white sketch of University President the Rev. Peter M. Donohue


Continuing Our Journey


Dear Friends,

As we enter the fall season, the brilliant color palette of the changing leaves on our tree-lined campus reminds me of how beautiful transformation really is. And it also reminds me that here at Villanova, we are constantly in a state of transformation. It’s something that an Augustinian education calls us to.

As St. Augustine wrote, “We are but travelers on a journey … let us continue on our way … so that we may ultimately arrive at our destination.” It’s a journey we make together, not in isolation.

A few weeks ago, we welcomed thousands of new students into our undergraduate, graduate, law and professional programs. They join us from 44 states and 31 countries, attending classes on campus or logging on from afar. Each one of these students makes our journey together more vibrant, by sharing their own unique perspectives, experiences and backgrounds.

Their time at Villanova will be marked by transformations—both within themselves and in the campus around them. The University is making steady and marked progress toward the goals outlined in our Strategic Plan, Rooted. Restless.⎯we have much to celebrate and much to accomplish as we guide our entire community into an exciting future.

We can find inspiration on our journey from our students, who transform over the course of their Villanova experience, becoming wise and compassionate as they prepare for fulfilling professional and personal lives. Their example energizes our constant striving to be better as individuals and in the process to become an even greater Villanova.

This autumn, I’m reminded that no matter how long it’s been since we graduated, we are all still students. Together, we are all on a continuing journey of growth. Together, we can ignite change in our own hearts and in the lives of others.


Signature of Peter M. Donohue OSA

The Rev. Peter M. Donohue, OSA, PhD, ’75 CLAS



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