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Villanova University is committeed to providing faculty with the resources needed to develop their research. There are currently two internal awards available through the Office of Research Administration. Please visit these pages to get more information about these programs, including due dates, past recipients, and the latest call for proposals:

Summer Research Fellowship and Research Support Grant

Summer Research Fellowship and Research Support Grant programs provide faculty with the opportunity to enhance scholarly research and to build collaborative programs with other faculty and with students. They are intended to support initial or ongoing phases of scholarly and curricular development research that will lead to the submission of proposals for research support from external funding sources. The Summer Research Fellowship (SRF) program provides support for summer salaries and non-faculty salary items. Research Support Grants may be used only for expenses other than faculty salaries.

VERITAS Faculty Research Award

VERITAS Faculty Research Award supports scholarly research that takes inspiration from and/or reflects the values of Villanova University's Catholic and Augustinian heritage. The program is administered jointly by the Office of Research and Graduate Programs and the Office of Mission and Ministry.  The purpose of the program is to encourage faculty to bring to bear on their research a perspective that reflects Villanova's concern for religious values, the Catholic intellectual tradition, Catholic social thought, and/or the Augustinian heritage of encouraging dialogue between religious faith and contemporary life.

Among the examples of research projects that might find support would be issues of war and peace; issues of social justice; empirical investigations of the influence of religion on social, political, or economic behavior, or vice versa; the interaction between religion, science, and technology; government, business, or other private and public sector practices and policies that affect, or could be affected by, religious faith and practice; and the application of Catholic Social Thought to contemporary public policy issues.  These examples are meant only to be suggestive of the types of inquiries that can be pursued; others surely may be possible.

Faculty Research Award and Announcements

Faculty Research Award and Announcements

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