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Academic life at Villanova, focused on undergraduate, graduate and continuing education, on discovery and learning, is inspired by the rich heritage of the University’s history and mission, and is grounded in our Catholic-Augustinian commitment to holistic education aimed at “transforming minds and hearts.” These values are the basis for our Educational Goals and Objectives.

The educational work of the University is under the direction of the Vice President for Academic Affairs.  The colleges and schools are supervised by the Deans and various offices are supervised by either a Director or an Associate/Assistant Vice President.

The colleges, schools and offices offering degrees and programs are:

However, Villanova’s School of Law operates independently of the Office of Academic Affairs.

The following offices also report to the Office of Academic Affairs:

Also reporting to the Vice President for Academic Affairs are the heads of the academic support offices:

The following initiatives are maintained through this office:

Task Force on the Online Degree Part-Time Students

Awards and Honors



Faculty Services & Information

The Office of Academic Affairs regularly issues policy documents, publications and reports usually in a handbook format. Specific policies can be found in these publications. Please login on Villanova network to see the Handbook page.

student services

Student Services & Information

The Office supports students as they pursue their education in a variety of ways, including career counseling, study skills, math skills, writing skills, accommodations related to disabilities, and study abroad.


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